Supporting the World Animal Foundation

Baby harp seals are so adorable...don't you agree? It simply is hard to believe that these little guys are being hunted and destroyed for their furs still today. Even so, it is thought that this act was banned, there are still stories of ruthless killings of such wonderful and beautiful little creatures.

Valerie Galloway, an Etsy photography artist, and her seven year old son, Chet, have decided to take matters into their own hands. They have adopted seven baby harp seals and sponsor them through the World Animal Foundation.

Each of Valerie's photographic images tell a story and carries an element of the human spirit... what we may feel in emotions can be expressed in her photography as we view her scenary. In this picture below Valerie quotes " this particular angel somehow spoke to me."
20% of the proceeds from the sale of her art in her etsy store, ValerieGalloway, is donated to the World Animal Foundation, for both the love of harp seals and of course Chet! Her son was especially bothered by the killings of harp seals and felt compelled to do more. Maybe that angel has something more in mind...Valerie! Thank you for reading...comments are welcome! Check out Valeries' store below.


OurWanderingAdventures said...

What a great shop and sad story all at the same time. Great of you to promote her like that!

Anonymous said...

Hi Helene! What a great son and I feel so proud, he wants me to tell you"I have seven harp seal puppets, and a poster, thank you for supporting our cause"

Yes, thank you! I look forward to making more donations soon!
Val and Chet