What colors of painting can do.

Sundance of the Sunflowers - painting by Helen Sanderson

Just sharing my journey of paintings.  This one is only an 8 x 8 but my sweet husband took the liberty of hanging it up already in the kitchen.  He says.."I just love the colors, it feels happy."  I thought for a moment, well,  that is my intention when I paint.  I want people to feel my great joy for it, but the colors I feel inside feel bright so when I paint I look to find a way to get that in there.  I am greatly attracted to flowers. I know, everyone, I mean everyone paints them.  But, one thing I have learned about painting is you have to want to paint your subject, at least for me. I try really hard to have some kind of flowers around my house, but I will admit that gardening here in the high desert with a lot of deer around is very hard.  Maybe I can grasp the idea of painting flowers at some point.  Wish me luck. 

The earth is a magical place. At best I believe one of the greatest artist ever..because let's admit how bland it would be if there were not sprinkles of gorgeous color surrounding meadows, mountains, gardens and homes. Flowers just say "Be happy". 

My thought for the day is ..."My true destination is the actual journey."

Silver Leaves in Winter Earrings

sterling silver leaf dangle earrings
Sterling Silver Leaf Dangle Earrings

This is a great time of the year to reflect on some of the things that I have learned. This year I am wanting to create more nature jewelry as I realize that my passion is plant life and colors.  Colors come from the gorgeous gemstones mother earth creates. I want to honor her somehow.  Lately, I have been experimenting with fusing with Argentium.  Back in the day I took a workshop with the great Miss Ronda Coryell on fusing Argentium.  It's a wonderful and great metal to work with!  I have a lot more work to photo and show ..so please stay tuned! 
silver dangle hoop earrings unique one of a kind jewelry
Organic Hoop Dangle Sterling Silver Earrings

Here are some organic hoop earrings that came to life for the Winter Market in December 2016.  They sold to a very nice lady.  I wanted to create something unique, wearable and one of kind in its own capacity...and here is what came of that moment.  They look wonderful on her..I just saw her wearing them the other day! So sweet.

Winter Blues with Peruvian Blue Opal

peruvian blue opal gemstone ring sterling silver wide band ring
Peruvian Blue Opal Chunky Sterling Silver Ring
Okay, so I am getting bit tired out of the snow already.  We are yet expecting another 12-18 inches of snow between today and tomorrow.  My city has a difficult time with keeping up on the plowing of our roads here.  I am starting to feel the "winter blues".  I thought I would share this ring I made for the Winter Market last month.  I will be listing it on Etsy...still for sale!!

I admit sometimes during this time of the year I might just crave a bit of warmth with a sunny day on the beach and the feeling of my bare feet in the sand. You know, a white flowy dress, a sun hat and an amazing view of the ocean.  I can feel the warmth of the sun and a slight breeze of the wind on my face.  I see children running on the beach and feel the joy of those around me..   Okay, it's a dream in a dream..

SO....Keep Dreaming...never stop!  Back to the cold...

Learning to paint in water mixable oils

oil painting of a fox
"In the distance" - 12 x 16 oil painting of a fox

Your probably wondering ..why so many paintings.  I know. I wonder too. Lately, I have cravings of painting on the brain.  The weather in my area has been so blistery cold, and snowy. This makes painting a nice down time for me. One thing about painting is it is soothing to my brain and relaxing.  When I paint, I also feel more creative with my jewelry designs.  I started painting this year for fun and I really am enjoying it. I am learning to paint loose..hopefully. I have been using the Cobra Royal Talens water mixable oil.  This company has a lot of good you tube information to help you better understand this great paint. No more turpentine!!

The weather has been very snowy here in central Oregon.  You probably think we have always had a lot of snow. Well, not really, not for the last 20 years.  It can snow but then it goes away pretty quick, except for this year. This year, it just keeps coming and coming and it is starting to change life around here. All of this shoveling takes time.  Since my husband had back surgery 2 months ago, he can't shovel right now. So this is me trying to do some of it.   Feels like a hopeless thing at times considering that it snows so much. It's kind of like doing dishes. Another issue is now that my shop is in town, getting to my shop is also another battle. I have a lot of new items to photograph when I get the chance I will be posting a few pics here..so stay tuned!

Have a great day everyone!



Mesmerized by flowers..in my tiny oil painting.

painting of flowers in a pot
"Glorious Color" -tiny 5 x 7 original oil painting of flowers in a pot

Sometimes taking a moment to do something  that is just pure fun is the best thing you can do for yourself.  When I paint, my mind is trapped in the here and now. It feels great.  With paints you can feel and explore the beautiful colors of this earth..because this is actually how paints get their colors..the earth itself.  Flowers are some of my most favorite subjects to paint. I really can't paint them well, but I try anyways. By the way....

Thank you to my friends and customers for all of your support for 2016.

"My wish for you is that you live a life of imagination. That you seek what is possible in you.  That you dream bigger, hope more then ever, love larger and experience things that you have never seen.  May you speak strong and clear and fill the world with wisdom, and that you honor the body that carries the greater you. May you gain strength from far and unseen places. May your steps guide you in the direction that holds you fast towards your dreams and opens doors for a thousand others and more to find their dreams. May you be renewed by that which breathes life into us all. Most importantly know that you are surrounded by great love and because of that... your life will be the difference in others... but, my greatest wish for you is... serious happiness.. 

Happy New Years Everyone!!.

Love, Helen