Learn to solder correctly - Beginning MetalSmithing

I wanted to take a moment to share with some of my friends in the jewelry world what I discovered! Because, I pretty much taught myself how to use a torch by reading bits and pieces here and there on the internet, I knew that I had room for much more improvement and thus, I found this wonderful DVD for sale.

This DVD is called "The Heat Zone" A Revolutionary Soldering Method...by Helen Blythe Hart!

This is a very simple to follow, interesting to watch and very informational DVD on learning to solder using the heat zone method! Helen the instructor is very knowledgeable as she holds degrees of a BFA in metals from Indiana University, and an MFA in Sculpture and Metals from Georgia State University. She is also a Graduate Gemologist (GIA) and a member of the Society of North American Goldsmiths.

With all of that..there is even more..as she is an amazing artist and you are welcome to read more about her in her ETsy shop! But.. even better she has been instructing students for over 18 years now..and she is VERY good at it! So this DVD is worth paying for!

There is actually a lot to learn ..but most importantly she explains the anatomy of the flame and all of a sudden it clicks and this is what the foundation of the heat zone is based on. Once you have a true understanding and depth of fire..it makes more sense.

There are at least 5 or so exercises along with her own professional tips and tricks, that you will go through to learn how to solder better..make simple and complicated things that you often questioned before. There is also a .PDF loaded with written information for your starved mind! But, also, since I own the DVD..I can watch it over and over..and not forget some essentials. The cool thing is the camera gets right down into the area you really need to visualize and see..which is hard to see even in real life!

So now after trying these methods I notice that my work is cleaner and I feel and see a difference when I am working with my torch. I now can see some of my design ideas coming alive as before I wondered..just how do they do that.

There are a lot of experienced metalsmiths who are also benefiting from this as well...and finding some enlightenment!

I personally can't wait for "The Heat Zone 2" Dvd myself!

Well enjoy my friends. I hope everyone is having a great day and making their dreams come true!

Be sure to learn more and visit her shop ...click here.