Hello My Friends!

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Hello my friends...yes it has been awhile! I have not posted for several months now..although I have intended to do so. My blog is being neglected because life has been so very very crazy this summer.

Summer came late to Central Oregon this year. It really did not consistently warm up till mid July it seems. Usually we have gone camping 3 or 4 times by then, but this year, we only went once ..for a week. That was probably the funnest thing we have done this summer so far.

My sad news is that my sweet mom and dad came out to visit on July 26th from Nevada. And on July 27th in the evening at 9 pm I witnessed my mother having a stroke. So for the next 3 weeks my mother has been in the hospital here in my town. I recently just flew her home on the 12th of August. What an experience this has been for myself and my family.

In the last few years my mother's health has been an issue. Last summer she experienced a tumor (non cancer) on her spinal cord and was going to be paralyzed from the chest down. But they were able to remove it and she was slowly rehabilitating from that...and now this stroke. God..it is so painful to watch someone you love so much go through pain.

My mother is amazing however. She is walking and although her left side has been affected, she can talk well and move her left arm up. Her left fingers still need some work..but we believe she may have close to a full recovery.

On the bright side of this story. I am witnessing great love between my parents whom have been together for 42 years now. And even as this is so hard to just write about, I have learned that life is nothing without love. Even when life can be so hard and enduring, your family and friends is what really matters through it all.

I have nothing new or exciting to show you as I have had hardly enough time to keep up with work and my jewelry sales..just this sad story.

But, it is where I am with my life right now and what I am up to. I hope that I will turn the page on this and find my mother much better in the next few months as I try to get back to normal. It's not easy going through each day with a heavy heart.

I hope all of you are well too and that you are enjoying the sun and summer!!

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