Oh, Where Has the Time Gone!

Fused Argentium Silver Ring with a Prehnite Gemstone

Where has the time gone! Gosh..I have so much to talk about, and just not enough time!

This summer has been great for me! I must say that I feel so happy. I am trying to relish all of it because..for the last two summers I felt such sadness and darkness with my mom being so sick. Although,  she is doing better now, she has changed and so has my family.  I am grateful for each day..and for all the  prayers..thank you!

I have been wanting to post about a few new things I have made with Argentium silver.  I took a workshop with Ronda Coryell in August this last month and it was such a blast!  I made three projects and was in awe of how wonderful it is to work with Argentium silver!

 Fused Argentium Silver Twilight Drop Earrings

All that you are seeing here is fused silver. Absolutely NO soldering at all. Yes! I fused the bezel and all the tiny balls and wire. It was great to actually see how it all came together.

Fused Argentium Silver Leaf Earrings

This shop took place here in Bend, Oregon.   It started one day a year back when I called Ronda on the phone at Revere Academy in San Francisco.  She was super nice, so I asked her if she would ever consider coming to Bend to give us a workshop. Well, obviously she said yes...and a year or more later..we had a class together.  Our workshop consisted of seven COMAG members including myself.  COMAG stands for Central Oregon Metal Arts Guild, which I have been a member now for almost two years.    I have learned so much from this group of artist and jewelers here in my community!  And, COMAG has been actively planning more workshops which do help with cost. It's great!

Well, I did post these on facebook already..and never had a chance to work it on my blog..so here it is folks!  I have so many other things to chat about too..so I will try to get busy posting more often.

I can't wait to tell you more about another workshop I took: Palladium!  And, I also went to Hawaii for 2 weeks.  Gosh, all of those photo's are on my hubby's computer..I keep begging him to send them to me..so I can post some photo's.  What a fabulous trip we had..truly one of the most funnest times ever!!

 I will be posting here soon...thanks everyone!

Talk at ya later!