What a good feeling it is...

statement necklace
Made this today>  Argentium Silver - Make a statement necklace...literally!

I have to admit, it's a great feeling being back in the shop, completely focused for once! Wow!   It's been nice this last few weeks being able to just finally relax and play a little.  My family and I have been skiing a few days here and there. It's getting so expensive to even go..so it is becoming more of a treat.  We use to say "skiing at Mt. Bachelor was like going to Disneyland!"  But now, it's more like going to Hawaii or something...

mens wedding band
Unisex Wedding Band - Oxidized Argentium Silver - Looks Like Gun Metal
 I have been able to add a few new designs into my shop today!  I also had a chance to update my "About Me" page on Etsy..finally!  Check it out..tell me your thoughts. It's kind of hard writing your own story..  I mean, where does a person like me even begin?

I also cleaned my shop...my forsaken hell of a messy ass shop! Thank God..I did it and you know what? It feels GREAT!  Chuck set up a new bench he bought me for my rolling mill that I took 4 months to pay off.  So, I have one now..and that's a good thing for me, working with gold..I can reuse and recycle it much easier.

Don't tell me..I know, I need my safety glasses! I did put them on about a second later after this pic was taken!

I know your wondering if this is much cleaner of a shop?  Well it is, trust me.  I will have to post some photo's in few days of the shop.  Show you how far I have come with all of this.  I really like my "studio"..only more if it had real heat.  It can be cold..and having a runny nose and cold fingers doesn't make it that much fun.  I have learned to do 25 jumping jacks about every 10 minutes these days!

I have a super busy weekend coming up. We have some friends from Joplin, Missouri stopping in for a ski fest. Yes, we have Italians in the house and that means fun and lot's of food!  Living only 20 minutes from Mt. Bachelor...makes life a littler nicer.  We are definitely blessed..and I know I am grateful to be here!

Take care y'all! I will be checking back in the next few days!