Just some randomness....today

The other morning I woke up to this beautiful 6 point buck in my backyard. He is gorgeous. It is kind of nice lately, just catching up with things..relaxing and enjoying some peace. I know I have not been a good blogger lately. But sometimes, after all the Christmas rift raft and busy busy ..I sort of need to just veg out really for a while.

Not that I am not busy with my jewelry shop and new designs..I am keeping busy. I am so grateful for it too. Sometimes I think the man upstairs just keeps everything in line for me and I am always finding someway to keep work going. Today I was able to add a few new pieces to my shop.
These are a simple dangle earrings. Pretty beer quartz wrapped in oxidized copper wire. They are on of my best selling dangle earrings. It is hard to find nice size honey colored gemstones. But I have about 3 pairs of these for now.

I added these sweet smoky quartz post stud earrings today too. The cut and color on these are so beautiful. Very earthy yet sweet hint of color. Nice.

I have been happily exploring my desire to create a flower of some kind. At one time I use to make flower earrings. Now its time to try a few rings. This ring sits very happily on my finger ..just makes you smile, them flowers.