I build jewelry...they build the house!

wide ring gold and ruby
Ruby in Gold Bezel Silver Chunky Ring

 Lately, I have had the honors and joy of making some new pieces.  I love setting stones and of course some are easy and some are challenging.  Wide ring bands are beautiful, but getting the bezel to curve just right on to the ring is somewhat challenging for me still.  I admit, it's like anything else..it does get easier.  

The ring above is a genuine "travenier" irregular cut ruby gemstone.  It is a beautiful stone, but it does have some inclusions and would be labeled near the industrial cut of a ruby.  It's organic and rough..in it's own way.  Very pretty, and organic looking.     I had a lot of fun watching this come together.  Need something special?  Let me know! I would love to try to make something really special for you.

green prehnite silver stacking ring

 Green Prehnite Gemstone Silver Ring

This gorgeous prehnite gemstone is just amazing as well.  Did you know that it is a natural occuring colored gemstone?  It's beautiful. Sometimes I think diamonds are just so over rated.  Go figure.  Of course I still love diamonds too...don't get me wrong!

adair home 1952 plan
adair home 1952 plan

The house is coming along as well. The roof is on and the plumbers have been out to install the bathtubs and showers already!  Today the HVAC guy was working on the heat/air system.  Gosh, at this rate maybe we can move in a little earlier? 

deschutes river woods bend oregon

And the walk to the house at lunch today was just beautiful. The canal is running and wow is it just a spectacular day to feel well and alive.  I am sincerely grateful.

Enjoy your day folks!  I will check in next week!


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Beach Loop said...

The ruby is beautiful with such a natural feel. And the house is coming along quite well, moving in early would be a treat!