Pretty in Blue Topaz!

London Blue Topaz Gemstone Set in Sterling Silver Floral Ring band

Well, it's been a bit of a crazy year for me.... selling a retail store, a home, and then building a new home has been challenging, yet, rewarding too. I am so glad to have finally made it here.  The best feeling is getting out of a ton of debt that was weighing us down.  We were able to sell our home at market price and retain our down payment so we can move on.  After struggling with such a hard economy, it made us realize where we really needed to be with our finances.  Making jewelry is such an honor, but still, working for yourself is always more risky and getting out of this debt has allowed me to focus just on my jewelry business alone.  Thank you GOD! I am doing what I love!

After enduring the hard recession, we decided to cut way back.  We built a new home one that is smaller with a smaller mortgage.  We now live south of town, instead of the prime west side.  We decided that we had to really evaluate what it is we needed and what was important.  We moved into the new smaller house of July 2014. 

I am finally in my brand spanking new workshop...and it's warm and cozy.  I was able to get a few cabinets in that were cheap from a remodel with Bank of the Cascades and now I have industrial cabinets in my shop.  Pretty nice.  I have NO more excuses. I need to start letting my creative juices flowing now!  (pictures to come)

Lately, I have been posting pictures to my Facebook account. Not sure I like FB, but I am finding it difficult to manage a web store, blog, FB, twitter and Instagram...oh and Pinterest too.  It's just too much socializing!!

Ok, well I promise to touch base much sooner then the last post.  I have a lot of ideas in mind and I am going to focus on maintaining FB and the blog for now.  I miss my blog! So stay in touch.

This ring above was fun to make and I would love to make it again with other stones if your interested contact me through Etsy and we'll chat about it.  

Thanks for reading...