What a snow day! Time to ski at Mt. Bachelor!

snow day
I woke up this morning..and this is what I saw first thing! Living in the Pacific Northwest..you would think that we normally have snow ..like always right? Wrong! I will tell you a little secret and honestly say that our winters for the last 5 to 10 years have become milder and milder. Actually we have had a great fall season..high 50's low 60's, and sunny days...up until today that is.

Mt. Bachelor -Photo Courtesy of Dave Johnson

I actually live 20 minutes down the road from Mt. Bachelor Ski Resort. I feel so blessed to say ..this is actually our backyard! Mt. Bachelor is actually a volcano that erupted eight to ten thousand years ago. It summits at 9065 feet! And it is one of the most funnest ski mountains I have ever had the honor of skiing. If your a skier...start thinking about visiting Mt. Bachelor. I promise it is so worth it!

So, today while we were all socked in..from the snow storm..I finished up nearly nine orders..all ready to ship tomorrow. Actually half of them were ready to ship yesterday, but I was not able to get to the post office because of all of this snow. I kind of love and hate snow at the same time.

I have been working with a lot of gold filled lately..which has been interesting. I will have to write a post on it here very soon.

Enjoy your weather friends. I'm just praying that our power does not go out...keep your fingers crossed for me!


Martin Luther King - I have a dream

I admit ..that I love this speech! In honor of remembering a man like Martin Luther King who fought so hard in what he truly believes in. I pray for our government leaders that they will guide our country honorably and follow the constitution so that all people are treated fairly and equally.

Happy Martin Luther King Day! I know I am grateful for this day!

Happy New Years Everyone!

blue moonstoneSterling Silver Moonstone Ring

Wow..what a beautiful day it is today! I was outside taking a few quick pictures after working in the shop all day and sun sun sun..come on in! I don't know but winter is just so nice this year. We had a tiny bit of snow one day and that was it. No more snow. Although, it's not good for our skiers for Mt. Bachelor here in Bend. I have to admit..I love skiing. Winter actually started at the end of December, so I will keep my fingers crossed for snow in the mountains.

moonstone silver ring
This ring you see here is a 14 x10 mm faceted gem cut stone. It has a pointy back side ..so the bezel is tall. I did this as a commission for a customer who asked me to set her stone, and here is the results! It is a beautiful chunky moonstone ring with lots of blue flash! I had a lot of fun making a step bezel for this stone. This customer was so patient with me..I am awfully grateful because it was nice to not be so in a hurry for once!

Well I hope you all have a Happy New Year! Wishing you much success and health in the upcoming year!