On top of a Mountain...Literally!!!

mt.bachelor bend oregonMt. Bachelor, Bend, Oregon - Leeway Run

What a great day I had yesterday skiing! This is the best spring skiing I have done in long time with my sweetheart! Chuck took the day off and said "let's go play"...and that is exactly what we did! The snow was perfect..the sky was clear and going downhill was just awesome! I can't wait to go again on Sunday.

I have to share this with you because it's one of those days where you feel like "wow"...I can't believe how beautiful mother nature truly is. For me being on these mountains makes me feel like I am as close to heaven as I can get and I know God is with me here...as this is exactly what he intended for us all. Simple pure beauty ..love and joy.

mt bachelor bend oregonChuck relaxing and enjoying the scenery on the nw side of Mt. Bachelor.

May is a month where new life is springing up and the sun is so full of warmth...I look forward to it. Today we are going to watch our son participate in district finals for track. This race will qualify him for state level which we hope greatly for. He has worked so hard...it is great to see him produce his wanted results. He has been eating super healthy ...all raw foods and has learned a great deal about nutrition through his sports. In my mind..what more can you ask for ..right? It's hard to get your kids to eat healthy by all means.

Of course I have to show you my updated summer stacking rings. They are now all made with handcrafted bezels..which is so much nicer to the eye in my opinion. But these are my favorites and I love wearing them. It's like a cool summer drink ..for the eye!

Cheers..have a great weekend my friends!

Happy Mother's Day!

"Cushion cut sapphire in sterling siver patterned ring band"

Hello Everyone! Happy Mother's Day to all of you wonderful moms out there! I knew I had to at least get this post in for all the moms I know!

It has been a bit of time since my last post here on my blog. I think for the first time I experienced the "Ides of March". March was such a tough month for me..I could not believe all of the horrible things going on in the world...especially with Japan. It seriously made me sad and lately with such dreary cloudy weather...it made everything worse!

Lately I have been reading so much negative sad things about our countries financial problems and why so many middle class Americans are being affected by this down turn. Gosh, I am not a dooms dayer by any means, but as I watch the price of silver and gold shoot up..I had to wonder what the heck is going on?

"Mother's birthstone stackable rings in sterling silver"

Well, I finally am snapping out of my bit of depression I think I was experiencing. And, I have been taking the last few months to try to learn more new techniques with my jewelry. I am now making all of my own bezels..instead of using pre-made ones. I also recently learned how to make a box clasp and a key clasp for bracelets or necklaces. I will share this with you in another post..but wow..it was so fun and enlightening to me!

For Mother's Day... I hope all of my friends here take a moment to realize the importance of family, love and friendship. As I get older every year...I truly feel so grateful for my life with my children and loving husband.

It is also my birthday this month and my husband and kids purchased the sapphire in the ring above. I was tickled to actually make my very own ring and yes the cushion setting for it. Since I have the ability..I thought why not. I am not yet at the level of sapphires and diamonds..but this is my first "expensive" setting per say..and it sure came out well for me..and I get to keep this!

I am selling this in my store with white topaz instead to keep cost affordable, but if someone wants a sapphire..I can do that too!

We wish all of you a wonderful mother's day weekend. I hope you enjoy your family as much as I do mine.

I am going to be very busy this month as my son will be going to state finals at OSU for track. He also graduates high school this year. My children are ten years apart ..so it makes me realize how crazy fast time goes by. My son has been so athletic and so much fun to watch him play soccer and participate in track and field. I will definitely miss this. He will be leaving us to go to college this year...so were hoping!

My daughter is now 8 years old and what a sweet joy she is! She is very much a girly girl and one day I hope to run and operate a jewelry business with her. I plan on passing on everything I learn to her and yes..so far she seems like she is loving it too!

Happy Mother's Day Everyone! Cheers.

Thanks for reading!