Helene's Dreams is back in the shop!! Yay!!

Rosecut Peridot Gemstone 14k Gold Stacking Ring

My friends! I am back. My gosh it has been awhile!  My life has been so crazy for the last 2 1/2 months.  For those of you who know me..I also used to own an actual retail store..brick and mortar store. It was a mailing shipping franchise store..and I recently sold it! Yes..SOLD!  I have decided to make the choice of doing what I love.....jewelry.   I am just so excited!  I feel like I am starting a new chapter in my life!  I enjoyed the store too and I will miss my friends, but I am looking forward to a world of change!  The official transition has taken place as of Feb.1, 2013.  It is a new chapter in my life.

 Birthstone necklace - great for Mother's Day gift!
I have to admit that I have been a juggling act for the last ten years of my life! I have been literally searching for my path trying to find what it is I really want to do and be has not been so easy.  I am grateful for my very supportive husband and family.  My goal is to stay completely focused only on my jewelry shop.  I am looking forward to being focused on my passion.  I honestly just want to take a moment and say " Thank you God, for this day!"  For I am truly grateful to be here.

I don't have any new works at the moment. These photo's are of some projects I did last fall. I really need some new designs and I am going to be working on them next week as I am just dying to get back into the swing of things!

Cheers Everyone!  Thanks for the read! We'll see you in the shop! 

Straight Talk Review - I love it! SAVE Money!!

Would you like to save some money?  I know I do.  These days it's getting harder to come by!  I have recently sold my family retail store. This is the reason I am away from my studio this last month.  We found a buyer..and that's great, but I really need to be frugal now as I focus on my jewelry business..since that's all I am going to be doing!  Yes, so wish me luck!

I don't know about ya' all, but one of my largest monthly bills is my cell phone. My gosh..I did the math and for a two year contract I am paying for two smart phones with Verizon at a whopping $180 a month which equals out to $4,320...and this is just for the service.  This does not include the the extra little cost to initially buy your phone!!!  

Well, in my quest to search for my options...since my contract expired..I have discovered the world of Prepaid cell phones!  And recently, I have found that if you want..you can now bring your own phone to the service of Straight Talk!  Yes, I have researched my options with most of the prepaid services that work up here at 4000 feet elevation in the mountains of Bend, Oregon.  And, what I find is most work..because they all seem to be using the towers of AT&T and even Verizon!  

Well, I am happy to announce that I am using an Iphone 4s with my new Straight Talk service.  I had the option to pay monthly at $45 per month..but since I know I need the phone for a year..I went ahead and purchased the yearly card which really breaks down at $41 per month.  The service includes unlimited voice, text and data.  ( Data does have a true limit 2G, but that was what I also paid for with Verizon.)  I rarely use 2G myself as I don't have time to watch videos or youtube all day on my cell phone.

The catch with Straight Talk is, you must have an unlocked GSM phone or an AT&T or T-Mobile compatible phone to use your own.  I myself, started educating myself on cell phones, and it appears that 70% of the world uses GSM, which is AT&T and Verizon uses CDMA.  CDMA is a different cell phone technology and honestly is more complicated. It appears that CDMA phones do not use SIM cards.   STraight Talk basically sends you a SIM card and you insert it into your unlocked GSM phone and change a few settings and ...Presto! Your phone works..like a charm!  Yes!!! It was that simple for me.

Here is a You Tube video that made this process of changing a few APN settings for my IPhone 4s so much easier to understand if you need help:

Don’t forget the Straight Talk Plan

Why Straight Talk?

  • Unlimited GSM service on the best nationwide networks
  • $45 per month – Unlimited Data, Talk & Text*
  • $60 Unlimited International Plan with Unlimited Nationwide Minutes, Unlimited Messages & Unlimited data plus Unlimited* International calling to over 1,000 destinations including cellulars in Mexico, Canada, India and china.
  • No contracts, no bills, no credit checks
  • Use any compatible or unlocked GSM phone – including smart phones
  • Bring your T-Mobile compatible 4G phone and keep your 4G service
  • Keep your phone number
  • Works with SMS, IM, social networks, email, web

So, let me tell you just how much I am saving.  I purchased two used unlocked Iphone 4s's for $600.  Then I purchased two one year plans for $990.  Of course we will use the phones for at least two years..hopefully more. So if you do the math..and compared to a two year plan with Verizon. I am actually paying $2580 for two years.  Which saves my family a total of $1740!!  WOW...that is awesome!  I can buy a vacation or a few plane tickets with the money I am saving!

Also, if your a person who can use your phone for more then two years..then YOU will save even MORE!  If you need smart phone insurance you should also check out Square Trade Warranty services.  It's an average of $6.99 a month with them..

The cons about Straight Talk..is you have to purchase the unlocked GSM phone up front first!  But, I have heard recently that you can now purchase the Iphone through Walmart and use the Straight Talk service inclusively ..click here:   Or if your like me ..I like a good deal and try to buy a factory unlocked GSM phone. I found mine on Craigslist and Ebay.  But, you can also buy them new at Best Buy or probably some cell phone store.  You really need to shop around.  

Straight Talk has been in service for at least the last five years. I have recently met a family who has been saving good money for this long..  Gosh, I cringe at what I paid for the last six years with Verizon..uugh!  I know that I could have saved well over $6000 looking back!

Straight Talk has different types of service phones too. It always seems that prepaid services use older model phone versions that have older operating systems.  When Straight Talk decided to let you bring your own phone...I jumped on it!  I can officially say I am done with paying super high prices for cell phones. I am done with playing that "renew your contract game". I have had enough!

Your probably wondering if I am affiliated with STraight Talk..and I AM NOT at all! I am just a purely delighted customer who will be saving a lot of money.  My phone works well with 4 to 5 bars average and 4G services! It is using AT&T...but for the last month both of our phones are working marvelously!  So go ahead my friends...save yourself some money!  Straight talk works great and can work with many unlocked GSM smartphones...not just the IPhone!

Also a quick update on my jewelry store. The transition for the new owner is Feb. 1st and that is when I will re-open my jewelry store on Etsy!  Please check back then!  I will be 100% dedicated to my work with Helenes Dreams from now on! I am just so excited to have finally reached this place in my life!  

If you want to read more..check out this review here: http://9to5mac.com/2012/07/30/review-the-iphone-on-straight-talk/

Cheers everyone!

In Memory & Honor of Martin Luther King

Brought to you by Allison Morrison at OnlineCollegeCourses.com. "I have a Dream"... MLK Infographic

Happy New Year My Friends!

 So here we are..year 2013!  Time does fly by pretty quick and it is a common phrase..so I hope you all are enjoying your family and friends this time of the years! 

I would like to start my new year with positive energy and pushing out some love on some of my favorite sellers and items on Etsy. As you may know,  I sell my work on Etsy and I also love to buy handmade goods on Etsy. Here are a few things I have bought recently as gifts for my family this last Christmas!

Gift #1. This beautiful sweet mortar and pestle comes from Mary Carol Perez Pottery, in Cave Junction Oregon.  I bought this for my mother in law and it makes a great kitchen tool for making spice rubs and crushing garlic!  I have yet to buy one for myself..but It is perfect! 

Gift #2.  I actually bought 3 of these wonderful IPad carriers. Oh my gosh they are awesome! They are well made and even fit Ipads with a smartcase if you use one. I bought these for the Ipad people in my life..including one for myself. Yes!  It functions very nicely and I just put my Ipad in here and put into my messenger bag and off I go. I purchased these in this etsy shop all the way in Lithuania, here: BluCaseAaron the owner is also having a sale..check it out!

Gift #3.  I bought this beautiful leather journal sketchbook for a dear friend of mine. She is also a jewelry artist and I am hoping that she may find some use in drawing out her sketches on regular paper.  With all of the complicated drawing software, I find the old fashion way of your own hand, pencil and paper..the ideal method.  This journal is beautifully made by Mary Lynn Schroeder of In Blue on Etsy.  She also inscribed my friends name on the left side of the design.

 Gift #4. This gift is for my daughter..sweet Sophia!  I bought several of these also, because they are practical and pretty gifts for the young girl in your life as well as myself! I am always trying to keep my hair out of my work space..so these help quite a bit. You can find them on Etsy in this shop here: Bargain Headbands.  They are well made and priced affordable I must say too!

Gift #5.  I bought this live edge mesquite serving board for my cousin.  She is just newly married and I thought this would be great for a person who is loving to learn how to cook!  It seemed to be a hit and the board is beautiful. The rich dark color and sturdiness makes it a great piece just to have on your kitchen counter everyday.  One of my favorites for sure. I bought this on Etsy in this shop here: JenniferandJohn    They don't seem to have much in inventory at this time, but if you search ..there are a lot of live edge cutting boards on Etsy.

I hope you enjoyed the sharing. There is so much to like on Etsy. I find it amazing at what the human hand is capable of on a simple level.   I am also grateful Etsy exist and that our world can come together "hand in hand" promoting a wholesome way of life. Cheers my friend.  WE sellers on Etsy appreciate all of the love and support we have from our customers. I know I do..and I am grateful for all of you!

 Wishing our friends and family much love, happiness, success and health! Live life doing what you love and love what you do!!  Happy New Year!  Cheers!