Custom personalized name rings in sterling silver with flush set birthstones.

So.. today I finally finished this set of name rings with birthstones flushed set on each side.  Flush so much fun..but also challenging. I think I finally can say I feel truly comfortable with doing this on a regular basis.  After much much kind of begins to click in my brain ..and I realize it is technique ..and the way you hold your handpiece..etc.

Yes, I can flush set stones now.  It's something I like saying...

Believe it or not..I am still plugging away on orders still.  I am moving slower it feels. I feel a bit fatigued in the hands..and it spooks me. I think they need solid rest..but they are not really getting it yet..

Well, I hope you all have a wonderful long weekend.  It was snowing here last night and yesterday evening..dark cloudy ..rainy skies..where I live right now..  I am praying for happier weather..or at least some sun!

Cheers my blogger friends!


Kimberly A. said...

How much would you charge for one of these?

Aroon said...

Liked jewellery and its pics . Much appreciate . God bless you