Merry Christmas Everyone!

Merry Christmas Everyone...Happy Holidays! Here is our tree this year. I don't think this photo does it's justice but we like it. A lot of our family and friends get a giggle out of it. It is a "Kid" Christmas tree. Decorated by a six year old truly. Lots of handcrafted ornaments and stuff. We did not want a department store this is it! It really is fun and sort of charlie brownish, but it sure does make the house smell good. This year we hiked up into the hills to find this one..its about ten feet tall. Santa has yet to put presents under the tree. Sophia has no patience so she must wait..or she'll peek!

Here is the stockings so cozy hanging patiently over the fireplace...just like a story book tale! The nativity scene with baby Jesus is also on top of the fireplace. At night the tiny lights come on and a beautiful glow surrounds the holy is precious to look at.

This is the road in our neighborhood where we walk our dog Chloe everyday. If you keep going down you will see the mountains and forest covered with a ton of snow. Mt. Bachelor has had 142 inches of snow in the last few for skiing!

The Ford Explores is now Jesse's car. He just got his permit to drive can you believe it. Although he should be driving...we are not too excited about jumping into a car with him to see how he would handle the roads in this weather...icy and slippery ...yes it is!

Here is our house...not too bad yet. But its starting to get there. I wish the city of Bend did not make us cut down all of the gorgeous trees we had...

Here is the house across the street. This home is for sale and is supposedly in foreclosure...its an awesome chalet like cabin home. Great for a resort home...lots to do in Bend, Oregon. Skiing, fishing, hiking, mountain biking, boating ...on and on...I love this house. I would buy it if I could.

Merry Christmas to all my Etsy friends and family who have a chance to see this. We live 20 minutes from the 6th largest ski resort in the US. Look me up...we are going up tomorrow. Have fun everyone...enjoy your family, and good health. Remember the real reason we celebrate Christmas.

Deep Hope for a Better Future

As some of you may know, I am trying to raise money to support a mission in Africa to help get clean water wells, medical supplies and many necessary items to the severe poverty in Africa. My dear friend Merrit had a recent trip there and shared a lot about her experience and how her trip touched her life. Please read her story by clicking on her picture.

As we are nearing our holiday season, I honestly can't help to think about how so many of us live our lives so differently. Even sometimes when you think many materials can make you so happy, a lot of time it really does not. Simplicity really has a meaning to it and happiness can be found within it. We just don't even know how to be so simple anymore. Personally, I think this is the reason.. why.. we are yearning to get back to the "handmade" goods. be simple I would suppose.

In the past I have had my own missionary works in which I was fortunate enough to travel to Romania and visit many orphanages. I remember seeing and feeling the happiness of children who literally had clothing, hardly any food and no family. Yet, they can smile and be happy, laugh and play. It truly amazed me. Its hard to see, it really is when you are really blessed with so much more. But who am I to judge true happiness.

Our First Snowfall

Yeah..Its finally snowing! My gosh November was unusually warm and finally we are getting our first snowfall. It moves the spirit and keeps you chilly too! We live 20 minutes from Mt. Bachelor and all the kids were so excited to go skiing and snowboarding for the first time this year. Of course with our economy being so makes it worse when we don't get the snow as our town counts on tourism from skiers and all that goes with it.

Heres the road I walk my dog on every day. Keep going and you will hit some of the most beautiful forest in the world and mountains too! We feel so incredibly lucky to be able to live here! Last day for guaranteed Christmas shipping is the 15th for the US. Happy holidays and Merry Christmas everyone!

Busy Busy Busy

Gosh, life really has been very crazy! I work in a mailing and shipping store and omg...nuts nuts nuts. There is a real meaning of going Postal...I do know! But here are a few of my latest creations. I have a total of 12 sales in November, so I am going to add an extra $12.00 to BloodWaterMissions for all of my wonderful customers...Thank you for your support for me and them!

Please stay tuned because I want to share a great family Italian reciepe that will knock your socks off.. when I get a moment! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays Everyone!