Deep Hope for a Better Future

As some of you may know, I am trying to raise money to support a mission in Africa to help get clean water wells, medical supplies and many necessary items to the severe poverty in Africa. My dear friend Merrit had a recent trip there and shared a lot about her experience and how her trip touched her life. Please read her story by clicking on her picture.

As we are nearing our holiday season, I honestly can't help to think about how so many of us live our lives so differently. Even sometimes when you think many materials can make you so happy, a lot of time it really does not. Simplicity really has a meaning to it and happiness can be found within it. We just don't even know how to be so simple anymore. Personally, I think this is the reason.. why.. we are yearning to get back to the "handmade" goods. be simple I would suppose.

In the past I have had my own missionary works in which I was fortunate enough to travel to Romania and visit many orphanages. I remember seeing and feeling the happiness of children who literally had clothing, hardly any food and no family. Yet, they can smile and be happy, laugh and play. It truly amazed me. Its hard to see, it really is when you are really blessed with so much more. But who am I to judge true happiness.


KayzKreationz said...

Nice story and post. Great program to try to help.

Lori P said...

Wonderful post!