The Girl Effect

When I saw this it really touched me. It made me realize a lot about my own family and upbringing. We were poor and my father had a strong learning disablity. At the time we did not realize how it would affect all of our lives. I believe education has helped me tremendously and to go on to better things. I now own two business' and want to support something more then myself. Thanks for all of your support with HelenesDreams and my cause. A mission to help supply women, men and children clean water, food, education and so important to me. I can't imagine, not even for one second how I would manage raising my kids in such a destitute environment.


judė said...

Holy! a very effective video - made me cry. I love this idea and ideas like it. For Christmas I bought all my kids' families gift certificates to Kiva - an organization that does about the same thing. Thank you for posting this.. I think sometimes we don't believe we have anything to give - when all along, we do.


Lori P said...

How inspirational. Thanks so much for posting this. Each person really can make a difference.

Handmade With Love said...

Powerful. Thank you for sharing.