Look What I bought Today!

I was scouring the forums today on Etsy..being a little bored waiting for my hubby and I bumped into this absolutely cute Etsy shop called "Naturally Felt". For only $24, I was able to purchase this 11 " X 11" inch insulated lunch tote. Nicole, the creator of these awesome sweet tote bags is allowing my custom request for a long shoulder strap instead of a short strap. Having the longer shoulder strap will allow me to use this tote for short lunch hikes through our forests. It is so practical and beautiful..what more could a girl ask for?

As you can see in this photo above this insulated tote bag can pack a punch of good things to bring! Notice the white pouch in this bag? Nicole even creates re-usable lunch bags for "going green". So no more plastic. Plastic is really bad for our environment as it is a petroleum derivative product. Wow, what a great idea Nicole!

"Naturally Felt" offers a variety of adorable insulated lunch totes starting at only $19.50. And in this photo up above is the everyday tote for just anything you can think of for only $28! Really now, for the great prices and having it handmade by a fellow Etsian..I am simply tickled! Check out Nicole's Etsy shop..."Naturally Felt". Thanks for letting me share this with you! If you happen to have a great find or buy post a comment ..I would love to hear about it!


Jennifer @ Mom Spotted said...

Nice! I have been taking my lunch to work with me daily lately! That's a great bag!

Som's Studio said...

Wow, fabulous bag, and Eco-friendly too :)