Family Reunion Time

Okay.. so I have the blogging blues! Blogging blahs..what do you call this? For those of you who read my last post, my mom is doing well. Thank you for all of your kind comments, prayers and wishes for her.

As you know I left sort of abruptly to go be with her in Nevada, about 3 to 4 weeks ago. My mom was feeling very ill, sort of numb like and then she lost her ability to walk. This is when she decided time to see a doctor? She has bad arthritis so she thought maybe this was her problem. Most of us thought she might of had a stroke or something, but guess stroke!

What she did have was a benign tumor on the T4 spine putting immense pressure on her spinal cord. We did not know if it was benign until after the surgery, but before the surgery we were all seriously depressed and scared for her.

Here is a photo of my parents a few years back when they came to visit me here in Bend. They are so sweet, such kind simple people. I really miss them.

Anyhow, my mom is on the road to recovery and she should be walking again in the next 2 to 3 months with a full year of 100% healing time. I guess we are lucky, and blessed and truly grateful it was not worse then it was. Its not cancer..and its not coming thank God!

During this time of the year my dad's family gathers up in Trinity Lake, California. Its a place for serious fun, if you like water skiing, camping, fishing and friends and family of course. So this is where I am going for the next few days..hang out with family and try to have fun. It won't be the same without my mom and dad.

I have a lot of new jewelry I have yet to talk about on my blog. I am just lazy about it right now. I feel like I need to be off the computer sometimes. After I photo my work, describe it, edit photos, and post it to the etsy store, I am done. Online shops consume you in a mental way and before you know it the whole day has passed. Does this happen to you?

Thanks for letting me express myself. This summer is seriously going I have to make the best of whats left. I hope you all are enjoying time with your family and friends.

Check back soon. I promise to post a few new things!

Happy Summer. ( I will be out from Thurs. 7/29 to Sun. 8/1 - 2010) see ya!