New Cabs for the Bead Shop!

square citrine cabochon
Okay I am excited to announce that after several years of research and desire, I am going to have to just do it. I really want to learn to how to make pretty soldered pendants and rings and all the really good stuff. Now that I have the bead shop and a super ton of beads..I think I will just have to do it now!

Just look at these pretty 8mm citrine antique cushion cabochons above. These would be so pretty in a ring or a pendant. These remind me of drops of crystal clear shiny and beautiful!

round turquoise cabochonI just took some photo's of these beautiful turquoise smooth round cabochons. They measure about 5mm and are a great quality, with that earthy sweet look. Turquoise is one of my favorite summer wears. These cabs are also a new addition to 101 Best Beads!

rainbow moonstone cabochonI also have a lot of new 7 mm rainbow moonstone cabochons just waiting to be displayed in a hot "Bella" twilight ring! Gosh these are super pretty. Moonstone is a haunting gemstone for me and it does literally yank at my "soul". I have a pair of earrings that I created in my shop called "Soul. Anytime now I will be getting the 10mm rainbow moonstone cabs in. I can't wait.

So, for those of you wanting to learn and grow in the craft of jewelry me. I found this great forum called the "Starving Jewelry Artist". You have to check them out. And, there is some great tutorials on "Jewelry" as well. I will be compling a list here of sites that get's the newbie started, as I go along . I am actually ordering most of tools, torch and kiln in the next week or so.

If your willing to learn and grow with me..let me know. I would also love to post your work and ideas here if your open to that. I know I will be.

Thanks for reading everyone and for checking out 101 Best Beads!

Not Your Mother's Pearl Necklace - Etsy Giveaway

pink tourmaline pendantWell, its about time for another great giveaway! I am so excited to share with you a dear friend of mine's gorgeous jewelry shop. I have been adoring Tamara's work from McFarland Design's on Etsy for a long time now. Tamara lives in beautiful Loleta, California on a small ranch on some rolling hills right off the coast. The area there is absolutely beautiful and inspiring to her I am sure.
moissanite gemstoneTamara's work has evolved over the years and she really has perfected her style and technique when it comes to soldering. She is a true "silversmith", and gives me great inspiration. Her work is just beautiful, and I hope someday to progess to this level of jewelry making. Tamara is also a vegan...meaning she uses no animal products (pearls, silk, leather, etc.) in the construction of her jewelry and basically lives a true vegan life as well as recycles and reuses everything she possibly can. You can learn more about Tamara on her blog too at

The ring pictured above is one of her trademark rings using a "Moissanite" gemstone and recycled 14k Rose and White gold. Moissanite is a truly remarkable man made gemstone. Please read more about the stones she uses on her etsy site. The use of Moissanite is a symbol of Tamara's dedication to using products that do not cause the ethical issues of harvesting gems and minerals from the earth.
Swarovski pearl necklaceTamara is offering to giveaway this gorgeous asymmetrical Swarovski pearl and sterling silver necklace. She uses Swarovski simulated pearls in a lovely charcoal hue ranging from 4mm - 10 mm with some gorgeous sterling silver chain made from flattened ovals to create this beautiful piece.

This necklace measures 18" in length (not including the part that hangs down from the center, which is about 2-1/4" long) and is handmade by her. As always all of her jewelry is vegan.

Here is what you have to do to enter this contest:

You do not have to be a blogger to enter.

It is open to World Wide Entries!

PLEASE NOTE: Each entry must be posted separately to count.

1. For one entry please go to Tamara's Etsy store, McFarland Design's and check it out. Come back here to my blog and post a comment on your favorite thing from the shop. Also, please be sure to leave your email address so I can notify you if you are a winner.

3. For a 2nd entry join my mailing list. Only 4 to 5 newsletters a year will be emailed with seasonal discounts and freebies! (You can post this entry if you have already joined my mailing list!)

4. For a 3rd entry if you would like..follow my blog, or link back to my blog, or blog about this great giveaway! ( You can post this entry if you already follow my blog or link to it. Please post the url link if you blog about this giveaway.)

5. For a 4th entry ..follow me on Facebook. I am on Facebook. Okay it needs some help..but getting some more followers there will allow me to have my blog on there too, and inspire me to keep that going.

This Giveaway ends on Saturday, June 6th, 2009 at 12:00 Midnight PST. A winner will be chosen randomly using We will disclose the winner on Sunday, June 7th, 2009 here on this blog post. Good Luck and Thank you for participating!


This Giveaway Has Ended!

The lucky winner chosen by Random.Org is entry # 4 which goes to Leslie Malone!

I want to thank all of you wonderful blog readers who took a moment to enter!

I will be hosting another giveaway here in a few days. Sarah from Bella Bejeweled will be giving away a $25.00 gift certificate to her "Twilight" inspired jewelry shop!

Learn to Make Jewelry

Hey everyone! If you are interested in learning to create fun jewelry and gather ideas , tips and tricks to jewelry making..check out! What a great way to learn..from the best in the industry!

At you can learn about shows, events, classes and workshops. It is a great community of nice people who want to help you love making jewelry!

Also as you know, I have just taken over Best Beads on Etsy which is now known as If you happen to see something you like just mention "jewelrylessons" and I will give you a10% discount on the total of your order minus shipping. Thanks Everyone!

A Dream is Coming True!

This last weekend I drove 7 hours to Loleta, CA to meet my new Etsy friend Tamara from Best Beads. Tamara wanted to sell her established bead business on Etsy to prepare for a new era in her life. She wants to focus on her gorgeous jewelry and work on the adoption of her second child.

So.. Guess what? I bought her bead business and now I am selling all of her wonderful gorgeous cabochons and beads! I have always wanted to do this, and now I am actually beginning to live out one of my dream business'. Someday when my debt is paid off, I would love to go travel the world for great beads and share them with other bead lovers.

My hope is to grow my jewelry and bead business to a point where I can rely on it's sole income for life's needs. long will this take? Not sure, but I am going to work hard at it..because I truly love doing this.

You can check out my new Etsy shop at And, take a moment to check out Tamara's blog. She is an incredible person who is young, vibrant and has helped many non- profit organizations with her endeavors. She is my hero! I am so honored to have met her and be guided by her expertise. She is pretty cool!

Once I get 101 Best Beads up and going, I will also donate proceeds to charity's that are helping others as well. I feel so blessed and truly want to pass it on. I am so excited.

Buy Handmade

What it is like to be a MOM!

The stories you have been sharing about all of your mom's is wonderful! Sometimes it is nice just to have a good thought and be able to put somethings into perspective. I really enjoy being a mom myself. I can't claim it to be an easy task, but the emotional and spiritual rewards are beyond words. I think most of us "Moms" would agree greatly that it is a love or feeling that can go so very very deep. And with this I must say that ..we all need this kind of love in our lives. It really does complete us.

With that being said...check out this most funny video.."The Mom Song". It's a nutshell of my silly life these days! Since I was going to be out of town in the next few days..I wanted to share this with Happy Mother's Day!

Look What I bought Today!

I was scouring the forums today on Etsy..being a little bored waiting for my hubby and I bumped into this absolutely cute Etsy shop called "Naturally Felt". For only $24, I was able to purchase this 11 " X 11" inch insulated lunch tote. Nicole, the creator of these awesome sweet tote bags is allowing my custom request for a long shoulder strap instead of a short strap. Having the longer shoulder strap will allow me to use this tote for short lunch hikes through our forests. It is so practical and beautiful..what more could a girl ask for?

As you can see in this photo above this insulated tote bag can pack a punch of good things to bring! Notice the white pouch in this bag? Nicole even creates re-usable lunch bags for "going green". So no more plastic. Plastic is really bad for our environment as it is a petroleum derivative product. Wow, what a great idea Nicole!

"Naturally Felt" offers a variety of adorable insulated lunch totes starting at only $19.50. And in this photo up above is the everyday tote for just anything you can think of for only $28! Really now, for the great prices and having it handmade by a fellow Etsian..I am simply tickled! Check out Nicole's Etsy shop..."Naturally Felt". Thanks for letting me share this with you! If you happen to have a great find or buy post a comment ..I would love to hear about it!