Helenes Dreams has a new name.. Horse Creek Jewelry & Co.

Well you guys I did it!  I made the change.  I am now rebranding myself as Horse Creek Jewelry and Co.   It's been long over due and time.  I am developing a new site www.HorseCreekJewelry.com . Please be patient as I am developing it still and being I am a one woman show, it will take a bit of time.  Please find me there and sign up for the newsletter too.  You can also keep in touch with through Instagram @HorseCreekJewelry and or my Facebook page.  I would love to share with you why I chose this new name.

Ten years ago I discovered Etsy. I soon began to discover myself then too...realizing that I was not cut out for monotonous work as a dental hygienist. I was always a beader, a wire wrapper when I was teen.. I loved making beaded jewelry. But, then I was opened to a whole new world of metal working from a dear friend who was a retired dental hygienist herself. And so it began. I joined our local metal arts guild and learned from jewelers, read books, went to workshops, and even took a few classes at my community college. This is how “HelenesDreams” came to be on Etsy. I started selling my work there and my life has since changed.

Etsy has grown so much. I remember talking with Rob Kalin in the forums, the original founder of Etsy. It was truly an amazing time… I spoke with sellers from all over the world and this is when I felt the internet truly becoming the “world wide web”. I made new friends and became in touch with many different makers and watched the “handmade movement” begin.

The last 6 years of my life especially has been difficult because my mom was very sick and so was my brother. My heart was heavy and I could never give my work the full attention in developing myself as an artist. Being a mom, a wife, working a part time job and running my own business is a lot of juggling..so it became that, a juggling act. But now, my kids are much older, my mom is now resting in peace and I am finding a new me...a person who is finally feeling some light and joy. 

I am ready ...to become an independent seller. Something I should have done a while ago..but the timing was never right. So now the time has come..and so it is here. I am truly grateful for every experience I have had, for all of it has shaped me to be who I am and where I am with my work, my family and my many friends. Life is wonderful even in it’s hardest moments.. I know it. I could never ask for more. Helene’s Dreams has shaped me and has evolved to be where it is today.  I finally know my path and give myself a real name..instead of my Etsy username! 

Thank you for all of your support....from the bottom of my heart.  See you over there.

A whole new year, to love, to live, to create!

gemstone ring

Kaleidoscope Rings by Helene's Dreams - Mixed Gemstones and Mixed Metals.

Hi Everyone!! Happy New Year...it's 2018 and we are off to a whole new start!  I love this time of the year because life is a bit slower, more relaxed, enjoyable at least for me.  I love holidays and family but as I have gotten older I realize just how much work and chaos we become as time goes by.  Everyone is rushing rushing and honestly I am not sure how come we allow this holiday stuff to do this to us. But yes, by this time...I am sincerely grateful for a more balanced back to normal peaceful  life.

2017 was a hard year.  My 39 year old brother actually passed away of congenital heart disease and my mother of 80 years now is still somehow fighting everyday for her life. Yes, I don't talk much about my personal life on Instagram or even FB.  It's just hard you know, I feel like it's terribly sad...who wants to hear my sadness when there is already just soooo much of it. But, I want to say it...say it out loud. I need to get used to this...dying is a part of living...it will happen to all of us at some point. The pain is greater watching those you love in pain..this is what is truly hard.

I am only stronger now. More mature, more open to what the world brings me. I can accept anything...and hope to find energy to fight for what is just and right. It's hard, really hard...we are capable of only so much.  Creating something helps my mind to heal to stay focused on what is in front of me.  So this is the honor of my life...I am grateful that I am experiencing it all even the sadness I suppose.  

I tried to paint this cat with water mixable oils. It's been almost a year since I have even picked up a brush. I had a hard time with his face..head. It's okay to me but heck the colors came out great so I'll be glad to post him here for you and myself to reminisce on.  I need to paint more..its just another thing I love doing.  My problem?  I like to try and experience it all. Not sure it's a good thing really!

HOpe your having a great weekend..thanks for checking in!