Happy Mother's Day Jewelry from Helene's Dreams!!

mothers birthstone ring
Mother's Birthstone Rings Handstamped - Helene's Dreams Jewelry- Mother's Day Jewelry

It's been a pretty busy week with handcrafting these mother birthstone rings. I think about each child when I make them...wonder what they are like and how sweet it is that some mom will be thinking about their child when they look at this ring.

I wanted to do a Mother's day Giveaway contest and yet because I just became a bit to busy ..I was not able to make that happen.  I will be hosting a  Summer Days Giveaway in June, so please check back.

Gold mothers birthstone ring
Gold Mother's Birthstone Ring - Helene's Dreams Jewelry- Mother's Day Jewelry

Just a few other things. I have and still am working on new designs. I will be in my very first show this summer at The Oxford Suites here in Bend, Oregon with the Central Oregon Metal Arts Guild. The show dates are August 5-7th, 2016.  I am so excited!!  It's really pushing me to get my ideas out now!!  NO excuses!

name bar necklace
Sterling Silver Bar Name Necklace - Helene's Dreams Jewelry- Mother's Day Jewelry

 And last but least...I am working on a my own personal website right now!!  This is the real deal!  As much as I am grateful to Etsy for all of the love it has given me...I am thinking I need to get a little bit diversified so that all my eggs are not in one basket.  I will be updating this post when the site link is ready.

Thanks for reading and checking in!
xo Helene