Happy Thanksgiving from HelenesDreams!

rose cut garnet labradorite sterling silver earringsRose cut garnet with labradorite gemstones Sterling Silver Dangle Earrings!

Well, Happy Turkey Day my friends! Wow, does the time fly by? These last few months I feel like days just swish by me so briskly and then I realized it has been a bit of time since I have checked in last.

I have to admit that Thanksgiving is my most favorite holiday of the year. All of the good foods, turkey, potatoes, salads, and yum yummy desserts with your family and friends...makes it the very best. Although Christmas is just as good..it does seem hectic too when you work retail or create jewelry..because for me..I am frantically working very very hard and my whole world just seems chaotic. I m just not sure it was meant to be that way, but yet it is what it has become.

moonstone sterling silver dangle earringsMoonstone Dangle Sterling Silver Earrings

I have decided to put my shop on "Vacation Mode" which I truly hate to do! Uugh! But this year I have absolutely NO choice. Last year I had to work at the retail store full time and make jewelry for the month of December and I thought was going to keel over. I spent many nights up till 2 am making jewelry...it was just way way too much!

So this year I am going to focus on my family obligation to the retail store working nearly 60 hours or so and give my jewelry store a bit of a break. It is a serious bummer but I have to do it for my sanity.

opaque jasper gemstone sterling silver earringsJasper Gemstones set in Sterling Silver Dangle Earrings

My hopes for the last few months was to start working on one of kind already made items for my jewelry shop, but I barely even get enough time for that. So ..I will have very few pieces for sale when I get back for Thanksgiving with my family. Oh yes, I am leaving for Turkey day..and that will be the whole week..to visit with my mom. Remember she was very ill in July..so these days are extremely precious to me. I have decided to make time and not think that time will ever allow it. Because I have realized I must guide my time and not let it take over me.

turquoise sterling silver earringsTurquoise Sterling Silver Dangle Earrings

In a way I feel like maybe this is okay. I have been very consumed with making the same few items in my store over and over and well frankly...I get a bit tired of that! I have discovered many new stones that I am so excited to work on ..I just can't wait to show you in the beginning of the new year! My hopes is to offer more one of kind unique pieces that will allow me to fire my creativity. I have taken a lot of this year to solidify the basics of metal smithing and I am grateful for it!

SOOO, I am greatly wishing you all a Happy Holiday Season! Cheers and a toast to all of the wonderful people who make this dream come true and fun I must say! Thank you for all of the wonderful support. ..as I am certain to be very Thankful this holiday I must say!

Enjoy your friends, your family and your life!

With much Love!