It's a new day! We're building a new home with Adair Homes!

Well the day has finally come!  We are beginning the building of our new home and work shop!  Yes!  Did I say work shop?  I did!  
The year 2013 has been a glorious ride!  I spent last year selling my retail store business and our home.  My husband and I made the decision to get out of debt and to start over at a much lower cost housing situation. And, we are.  I really wanted to focus on my jewelry business and by getting out of debt, I am able to do so!  YAY!

I have to admit..I had barely a moment's chance to blog about all of this.  Honestly, it wasn't much fun and it has been tough with moving and moving and moving...  I felt really negative a lot because selling my last home was emotionally tough and I could not find anything really happy to "talk" about then it felt.

But, we have made it through all the selling of stuff! It feels liberating.   I am now free to really focus on my jewelry business and getting the new home built with our builders... I am excited again and will be blogging about the process and all. 

 building an adair home 1952 plan

 The footings to the foundation were set last week finally!  We actually started our construction loan process in November 2013.  By the time all of the construction loan and county building permits were finally done, we then had to wait for the weather to finally work with us. It's now March's about time!

Were excited!  The home were building is on Adair Homes  web page here:

We are building a signature series home with a few upgrades.  It will have an enclosed work shop space that will be insulated and warm!! Yes...warm!  We were able to pick out an affordable 1.1 acre lot 10 minutes from downtown.  We plan to have a small organic veggie garden and chickens for eggs!

Sterling  Silver Druzy Cross Bracelet
I have spent the last year handcrafting jewelry which mostly was ordered on Etsy as well as a few here and there local custom orders.  I was able to squeeze in a wax carving workshop, but have not had a chance to really get into wax so much because we were selling the house and I could never get into it with so much cleaning for the process!

Now that I am in a pretty small rental, I am limited still once I am all snug in the new shop...I am planning to carve wax! I honestly can't wait.

silver druzy cross bracelet
Sterling  Silver Druzy Cross Bracelet

I have to admit that life has it's process and every good plan takes time.  I feel extremely happy and grateful to be where I am it with my work, family, friends and home.  My husband and I feel relieved to be in a much more affordable mortgage.  We are "starting over" but,  we actually can now see the "light" at the end of this tunnel of debt.  It has taken some hard lessons and emotions for us in the last 7 years especially dealing with such a terrible economy.

Chuck and I can look at each other and feel good about things.... we have endured.  And to me, this alone lends a great feature to our relationship.  Love just means so much more when you endure and accomplish things together.  I know my faith in God has grown stronger because of it as well too.

I am going to be blogging regularly about the process of the home with Adair.  So please check back!