HappY New Year! Yes..I know its 1-11-11

Crystal Quartz in Sterling Silver ringNon Traditional Wedding Ring I made in Nov. Crystal Quartz in Sterling Silver

Well.. we made it through another year and here we are beginning another one. I look back at 2010 and I feel grateful primarily for a few things. My mom's health is better it seems and I am actually making jewelry as a business. And yes of course, my children are well, healthy and happy and my family life is strong and good. The holidays went well, but life is crazy busy during the month of December and I am seriously happy to have that pass now. Lately, I have been just trying to relax more and keep pace with a few orders here and there and just enjoy my time with the kids and Chuck. Although, I am still working part time at the retail store, and working in my studio..I am busy..but not the craziness busy of December...whew!

rose cut citrine sterling silver ringAnother non traditional wedding ring I made...Rose Cut Citrine in Sterling Silver

Looking into the future...I am beginning more lessons with Mr. Jim Dailing here next week. My hope and intent is to meet with him regularly for a few months so that I can solidfy some new techniques that I am really wanting to learn. I am yearning to learn more about flush settings, faceted gemstones that require more skill in setting..for example..oval gemstones, cushion cut gemstones etc. Last year we were not able to meet regularly..but it appears we might get to for the next few months. So wish me some luck of the Irish! I sure need it.

helenes dreamsI want to wish all of you a prosperous and successful New year! As well as good health, love and happiness! I am sort of superstitious but I truly believe that what you send out in this world in positive energy will come back to you! Now..it goes the same for negative..but we don't have any of that here!

Thanks for being patient and letting me blog a little late about New Year! Cheers my friends..a toast to you all!