Merry Christmas and Happy New Year My Friends!

Mother's Rings - Birthstones set in 14k gold bezels on sterling silver ring!

My Gosh! I just want to take a moment and wish all of my sweet blogger friends a wonderful Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!  I wish all of you much love, joy, peace, happiness and great health..always!

 Mother's Ring - November Birthstone - Citrine set in 14k Gold

 It looks like we are going to be having a white Christmas this year!  I woke up to more snow. For all of you skiers out there.....LOT"S OF SNOW at Mt. Bachelor!  I'm hoping we will get to ski this weekend!

Cheers and Happy Holidays!  We'll see you soon in the New Year! 

Home For Sale By Owner - Bend, Oregon! Come Live in Bend!

For Sale By Owner in Bend, Oregon  19479 W. Campbell Road

We are listing our home for sale by owner today on Nov.11, 2012.  It is such a hard thing for us to let go of, but my husband and I decided that it is the best thing for our future outlook.  We absolutely just love this house and our neighbors. It has been like a dream living here. I am grateful we had this opportunity. I hope whomever buys our home will enjoy it just as much.  It was built with so much love and it's energy is amazingly positive.

This charming craftsman style homes sits on large flat half acre lot in a very highly desired west side neighborhood in Bend.  There are a lot of trees and it truly feels like you are living in the rustic woods of the Pacific NW.  It definitely is not in a cookie cutter subdivision at all. The area has a lot of character and each home is unique.  There are many young families with children. It is a great family neighborhood.

 Looking out the backyard of the home.

The home itself was built with quality in 2006. As the original owners we watched our home come up every bit of the way.  The house has 4 spacious bedrooms/office space with 2 full baths. There is also a 400 sq foot bonus room above the large 2 car garage and includes a workshop as well.  It has a cement patio in the backyard and beautiful porch in the front.  The total square footage combined is 2685 sq feet. The kitchen and bathroom have granite and tile countertops.  There are also solid oak cabinets and solid hardwood floors.  The home has very cozy practical floor plan with a lot of storage space.  The closets and cabinets are large. We have maintained it well.

The home has 9 foot ceilings through out and a vaulted living room.  The gas stove keeps winter evenings nice and toasty warm.    It was built by SolAire and meets the standard of Green Living requirements for energy efficiency. There are NO HOA fees!!

A view of the street going West. Lots of tall trees and lots of space!!

The best part of living here of course is the awesome awesome location in Bend here on West Side.  We walk to the River Trail and go to the Old Mill District and enjoy great restaurants on the river and shopping.  We love mountain biking on Phil's Trail and riding all the way to Sunriver right next to Deshutes River! I also love riding my bike right into old historic downtown Bend to do my banking and grocery shopping. Bend is just great for riding bikes!  There is immense fishing spots on the river and not to mention all of the Cascade Lakes 20 miles away right off Century Drive, our cross street.  But, you may know that Bend is great ski resort town..and yes we live 20 minutes away from the world class Mt. Bachelor! And, it is so much fun!!!

Bend is a great town to raise a family. The city boasts many fun events that include lots of competitions for athletes of all sorts and then hosts lot's of great local music and art events.  The city is very alive and active and just an all around great place to live if you love the great outdoors. Crime is extremely low here and we all call it "Paradise"! For those of you who live will know!

We are asking $595,000 for the home and we are negotiable. Please call us at 541-205-1105 if you would like to come and see it!  Thanks for reading!

mt.bachelorSkiing at Mt. Bachelor Jan. 27, 2012 right up the road 20 minutes from our home.

Oh, Where Has the Time Gone!

Fused Argentium Silver Ring with a Prehnite Gemstone

Where has the time gone! Gosh..I have so much to talk about, and just not enough time!

This summer has been great for me! I must say that I feel so happy. I am trying to relish all of it because..for the last two summers I felt such sadness and darkness with my mom being so sick. Although,  she is doing better now, she has changed and so has my family.  I am grateful for each day..and for all the  prayers..thank you!

I have been wanting to post about a few new things I have made with Argentium silver.  I took a workshop with Ronda Coryell in August this last month and it was such a blast!  I made three projects and was in awe of how wonderful it is to work with Argentium silver!

 Fused Argentium Silver Twilight Drop Earrings

All that you are seeing here is fused silver. Absolutely NO soldering at all. Yes! I fused the bezel and all the tiny balls and wire. It was great to actually see how it all came together.

Fused Argentium Silver Leaf Earrings

This shop took place here in Bend, Oregon.   It started one day a year back when I called Ronda on the phone at Revere Academy in San Francisco.  She was super nice, so I asked her if she would ever consider coming to Bend to give us a workshop. Well, obviously she said yes...and a year or more later..we had a class together.  Our workshop consisted of seven COMAG members including myself.  COMAG stands for Central Oregon Metal Arts Guild, which I have been a member now for almost two years.    I have learned so much from this group of artist and jewelers here in my community!  And, COMAG has been actively planning more workshops which do help with cost. It's great!

Well, I did post these on facebook already..and never had a chance to work it on my here it is folks!  I have so many other things to chat about I will try to get busy posting more often.

I can't wait to tell you more about another workshop I took: Palladium!  And, I also went to Hawaii for 2 weeks.  Gosh, all of those photo's are on my hubby's computer..I keep begging him to send them to I can post some photo's.  What a fabulous trip we had..truly one of the most funnest times ever!!

 I will be posting here soon...thanks everyone!

Talk at ya later!

Simple Rose Cut Diamond Ring

I just listed this in my shop today!  A sweet simple 4mm moissanite diamond ring!  I just love it!  It's absolutely sweet and makes a great promise ring, engagement ring or even a simple wedding ring!  This diamond sets in sterling silver, but can also easily be made in gold at your preference!

It also stacks well with other rings.  I originally made this ring to go with other stacking rings shown below..

Have a great day everyone!  Happy Summer!

I made this men's turquoise bracelet for a customer for Father's Day! 

I hope that you all enjoyed the weekend!  It was a really great weekend for me and it was nice having today (Sunday) off to play with my family!  My daughter and I made her dad a nice breakfast and later decided to ride our bikes into to town to have lunch and watch the free concert at the Les Schwab Amphitheater to watch a sweet acoustic rock band called "Harley Bourbon". 

It was so much fun! This band actually rock and rolls, and they actually made the community of Bend feel like dancing on their feet!  Believe me, it's not a usual site to see lot's of people cutting loose here at the free concerts!  It was great watching the dads dance with their sweet kids!  I definitely had a great time!  So..thanks Harley Bourbon peoples! I wish I had pics, but I did not bring my phone this time..bummer!

More gorgeous stacking rings in silver. This set includes a 4 mm diamond, sapphire, and london blue topaz.  This set is absolutely sweet in real life. One of my favorites!

Lately, the flowers have started blooming and FINALLY summer feels like it is beginning here in Bend, Oregon.  The weather here changes drastically within 20 degrees each day and sometimes the cold dark cloudy weather can steal a day or two..or three..and then we get some sunshine!  I know the weather is changing every I should not complain. I think that I am going to have to take vitamin D next year, because it certainly feels like we are getting less sun here every year.  Our summers can feel terribly short! But, I am keeping my fingers crossed because this year it seems to be starting earlier then the last few summers!   Here are few pics of what I am so lucky to see in my garden everyday!

Flowers are just beautiful!
I think these are wild flowers..called weeds!

Strawberries are coming back..YAY!

Peppermint is seriously taking over.

 More herbs..sage I think!

I bought these for the garden..they remind me of mother nature smiling!

I hope you all enjoy the summer season! It is my favorite time of the year. I hope this summer will be much longer and more enjoyable for me at least.  The last two summers have been so tough with my mom becoming seriously I really really need this summer to be great!

Custom personalized name rings in sterling silver with flush set birthstones.

So.. today I finally finished this set of name rings with birthstones flushed set on each side.  Flush so much fun..but also challenging. I think I finally can say I feel truly comfortable with doing this on a regular basis.  After much much kind of begins to click in my brain ..and I realize it is technique ..and the way you hold your handpiece..etc.

Yes, I can flush set stones now.  It's something I like saying...

Believe it or not..I am still plugging away on orders still.  I am moving slower it feels. I feel a bit fatigued in the hands..and it spooks me. I think they need solid rest..but they are not really getting it yet..

Well, I hope you all have a wonderful long weekend.  It was snowing here last night and yesterday evening..dark cloudy ..rainy skies..where I live right now..  I am praying for happier weather..or at least some sun!

Cheers my blogger friends!

I am a "Jewelress".....

My last pair of gorgeous Labradorite 10mm studs - sold & shipped. My camera loves this stone.  It was hard to let go of these..soooo pretty!

 Okay, what's that? A "Jewelress"?  Yesterday, my 9 year old daughter and I were driving to the store, and she was telling me a story of how she described me and my job to her class.  In the story she calls me a "Jewelress".  I think she means "Jeweler".  It made me laugh!  And, I it made me think about this.... what do I call myself?   Perspectively, I have been realizing the state of my life with jewelry and how far I have finally come.  For some of you who know early background is not in jewelry.  Jewelry has always been a hobby up until the last 2 years. 

I actually practiced Dental Hygiene for nearly 10 years.  I liked working with hand instruments. (dental people call their tools .."instruments"...whatever!)  I had a hand piece and we played with casting too..and well, there are lots of similarity's except you are working on live human teeth and not as much metals (except fillings, and crowns.)    The "live" part is what was very hard with this profession.  It is extremely tense work and very very monotonous & routine.  My mentality was exhausted and I realized that I was not growing in this field.  Although, Dental Hygiene is a very respectable and well paying job for a mom...I realized it was not meant for me.

This video is hilarious!  Take 2 minutes to watch it!  It hit's home!  
Thanks to my friend Missy for sharing funny!!

So, in the meantime..I have been developing my jewelry hobby...running another family business on a part time level..and also being a mom.  Yes, I feel very very busy!  But, I am extremely overall healthy and happier now with what I do for a living. This makes a big difference when the sun is out ...finally! Ha ha! I can finally feel true happiness as I grow and grow in doing what I love. 

My shop is in vacation mode for this week as I get caught up on orders and give my hands a bit of a they are a little sore..but better now.  I will be back check in a few days.

Have a great weekend folks!  Enjoy your neck of the the sun is out where I live and I so need to ride my bike in it. It's calling me!


Playing with Diamonds!

I have collected a few diamonds in the past years hoping to build courage and confidence in one day that I would eventually set them!  Rose cut diamonds are simple to set now!  This setting is actually made with PMC3 and fine silver bezels.   They are not itty bitty diamond studs..although the diamonds only measure 4mm the setting is about 6mm wide.  They are perfect for everyday wear. On sale now in the shop!

Diamond Flush Setting in 3 mm wide ring band..personalized!

Also..have been doing more flush settings..which once you get a method down pretty fun to do. Up until is intense. But practice, practice and I mean practice..and well it does pay off!

The sun has finally hit Central Oregon..finally!  The reason we moved here was because the amount of sun we are supposed to have here in comparison to Portland, Oregon.  The last few years..I think we have half the amount or even less sunshine..but BOY! I am so much happier when there is light..what a difference it makes.  Thank you SUN!  YES, LIGHT!

Have a wonderful Mother's Day!  Enjoy your mom..I love love my very much! I wanted to make her a piece of jewelry but she said to wait till next year this time.  Instead I bought her some work out yoga videos and books to help her with diet..etc.  Please pray for my mom..that she will get much better..thank you!

Love you all..thank you for supporting my work and does mean a lot!


Back from the dead..

mothers ringMother's Birthstone Jewelry Sterling Silver & Genuine Gemstones

Hello beautiful peoples! How are you all? I have to admit..I am lame..for not posting sooner. Uugh! I will tell you that vacation time was wonderful. Hawaii was absolutely gorgeous and I honestly want to move there. It's all I ever ever think about now. Seriously. Here's why. I don't see the sun where I live often anymore. Although Bend, Oregon is absolutely beautiful..its always chilly and cold to me here. We have been coveted by a thick blanket of clouds that barely let's any sun in and lately it is just dark, gloomy and depressing. Can you tell? I have SAD... (Seasonal Affective Disorder). Okay, I admit I have a disorder, I suppose. Call it what you want...I need sun. I need it to feel be happy, and this darkness is getting to me. And, since I have tasted Hawaii..I am craving it even more so. So there's that issue.

As I am trying to keep positive..I am just trudging along lately..waiting for sun. I have been busy with life, work and lot's of jewelry. I can't complain about that. I have been very busy with lot's of mommy jewelry..which is fascinating to me. I am ever grateful to my mom..and I realize how lucky I am when someone asks me to make something special for theirs.

I did get to visit with my mom in Feburary and I think part of my great sadness is realizing the effects of the stroke my mom had last July 2011. She is not the same anymore and I feel that she will always be greatly affected. She still can not walk very well for long, she no longer can drive and she is suffering from vertigo..or dizziness. The dizziness does not allow her to strengthen her ability to walk and get stronger because she feels like she can fall. I visited with her for about 10 days and I felt like she was regressing. Since then she sounds sad and miserable..and this affects me greatly too! Another part of my sadness I suppose. I guess it all comes together.

mothers ring
Birthstone Rings, Mothers Ring Sterling Silver

On the bright side of things, I have been stirring up some new creations when I have the chance. I have not been able to get photo's just yet..the weather has been so dark ..I am waiting for some decent light to get pictures ..hopefully soon. I am posting lots of the mother rings I have been making..they are sweet. I am running out of the textured wire for spacer rings in these sets..and the supplier will not be selling it anymore. Although, this ring set has done very well for will be time to move on eventually to a new design set soon.

birthstone ring

Well my friends..thanks for keeping in tune to my blog. I welcome your comments and thoughts. I love knowing someone is out there in my cyber world. I promise to post very soon. I am taking doses of Vitamin D and looking for lights as we speak..Ha ha! I have some new designs and I CAN NOT WAIT to show them all to you!

What a snow day! Time to ski at Mt. Bachelor!

snow day
I woke up this morning..and this is what I saw first thing! Living in the Pacific would think that we normally have snow always right? Wrong! I will tell you a little secret and honestly say that our winters for the last 5 to 10 years have become milder and milder. Actually we have had a great fall season..high 50's low 60's, and sunny days...up until today that is.

Mt. Bachelor -Photo Courtesy of Dave Johnson

I actually live 20 minutes down the road from Mt. Bachelor Ski Resort. I feel so blessed to say ..this is actually our backyard! Mt. Bachelor is actually a volcano that erupted eight to ten thousand years ago. It summits at 9065 feet! And it is one of the most funnest ski mountains I have ever had the honor of skiing. If your a skier...start thinking about visiting Mt. Bachelor. I promise it is so worth it!

So, today while we were all socked in..from the snow storm..I finished up nearly nine orders..all ready to ship tomorrow. Actually half of them were ready to ship yesterday, but I was not able to get to the post office because of all of this snow. I kind of love and hate snow at the same time.

I have been working with a lot of gold filled lately..which has been interesting. I will have to write a post on it here very soon.

Enjoy your weather friends. I'm just praying that our power does not go out...keep your fingers crossed for me!


Martin Luther King - I have a dream

I admit ..that I love this speech! In honor of remembering a man like Martin Luther King who fought so hard in what he truly believes in. I pray for our government leaders that they will guide our country honorably and follow the constitution so that all people are treated fairly and equally.

Happy Martin Luther King Day! I know I am grateful for this day!

Happy New Years Everyone!

blue moonstoneSterling Silver Moonstone Ring

Wow..what a beautiful day it is today! I was outside taking a few quick pictures after working in the shop all day and sun sun sun..come on in! I don't know but winter is just so nice this year. We had a tiny bit of snow one day and that was it. No more snow. Although, it's not good for our skiers for Mt. Bachelor here in Bend. I have to admit..I love skiing. Winter actually started at the end of December, so I will keep my fingers crossed for snow in the mountains.

moonstone silver ring
This ring you see here is a 14 x10 mm faceted gem cut stone. It has a pointy back side the bezel is tall. I did this as a commission for a customer who asked me to set her stone, and here is the results! It is a beautiful chunky moonstone ring with lots of blue flash! I had a lot of fun making a step bezel for this stone. This customer was so patient with me..I am awfully grateful because it was nice to not be so in a hurry for once!

Well I hope you all have a Happy New Year! Wishing you much success and health in the upcoming year!