Helene's Dreams Jewelry is moving!!

turquoise necklace gemstone pendant
Art Jewelry- Turquoise Gemstone Pendant Necklace - Sold

Hello my dear friends! I hope this message sees you well.  I know I have not been blogging much and I am realizing that I am needing to be more active in this department.  I wanted to make a big announcement.  Yes!

I have decided to take a leap of faith and move my studio out to a working artist co-op space here in my sweet town of Bend, Oregon!  As of Sept. 1st, I will be open to the public in my new studio in The Willow Lane Artists Creative Space!!

After all of these years of learning my craft of metalsmithing, I finally feel ready to open myself to the public.  I recently did my very first local show with COMAG (Central Oregon Metal Arts Guild).  I admit, this was just a scary scary thing for me as it was my first show and also amongst my metal head peers! These people are my sweet friends, but they are also pretty fascinating artists..so I felt a bit nervous. In the end it actually turned out wonderful! I met a ton of nice new friends and had a blast being super social.  I also sold a few things, which honestly I did not really expect to do so.

blue flash labradorite necklace pendant
Art Jewelry- Blue Flash Labradorite Gemstone Pendant Necklace - For Sale

As some of you know, I do sell my work on Etsy.  I started doing this way back in 2008 and I feel truly grateful that I could have this venue to share my work.  And, yes, it has been wonderful being able to work from home in my studio as I parent my children and take care of my family and home.  Sophia, my youngest daughter is now nearly 14 and I feel really ready to be out in the world working with other people.  I admit working from home has its benefits, but its definitely lonely too if you get stuck in the home cave life.  So, I  am ready..ready for a change in life...ready to be a bigger part of my community.  So, wish me luck!

green flash labradorite gemstone necklace
Art Jewelry - Green Flash Labradorite Gemstone Necklace Pendant - For Sale
For the last month I have been buried in work trying to get ready for the COMAG show. I now have a lot of new pieces I need to get posting on Etsy.  I am really enjoying working on the "one of kind" pieces.  It's been good for my creative spirit and I feel excited about working in the creative space which I feel will be inspiring for my own spirit.    I realized that I can not get caught up in what "I am called" or what "I am doing" with myself. I realize that "I am"... I am here now and every moment I live I want to focus on the now.  So, I really don't know what the future has to hold for me, but I am going to take this in like a new adventure and allow life to open up to me, instead of trying to plan every single thing.  I just want to enjoy what I am truly grateful for.

Thank you for hearing me..and supporting me. I hope that in the future you may want to stop in Willow Lane and say hello to me in person.  I had many inquiries of people wanting to come see my work and now you can!

400 SE 2nd Street. Suite 2 
Bend, Oregon 97701

Have a happy summer folks!  I will be definitely blogging a lot more so please keep in touch!