Helenes Dreams has a new name.. Horse Creek Jewelry & Co.

Well you guys I did it!  I made the change.  I am now rebranding myself as Horse Creek Jewelry and Co.   It's been long over due and time.  I am developing a new site www.HorseCreekJewelry.com . Please be patient as I am developing it still and being I am a one woman show, it will take a bit of time.  Please find me there and sign up for the newsletter too.  You can also keep in touch with through Instagram @HorseCreekJewelry and or my Facebook page.  I would love to share with you why I chose this new name.

Ten years ago I discovered Etsy. I soon began to discover myself then too...realizing that I was not cut out for monotonous work as a dental hygienist. I was always a beader, a wire wrapper when I was teen.. I loved making beaded jewelry. But, then I was opened to a whole new world of metal working from a dear friend who was a retired dental hygienist herself. And so it began. I joined our local metal arts guild and learned from jewelers, read books, went to workshops, and even took a few classes at my community college. This is how “HelenesDreams” came to be on Etsy. I started selling my work there and my life has since changed.

Etsy has grown so much. I remember talking with Rob Kalin in the forums, the original founder of Etsy. It was truly an amazing time… I spoke with sellers from all over the world and this is when I felt the internet truly becoming the “world wide web”. I made new friends and became in touch with many different makers and watched the “handmade movement” begin.

The last 6 years of my life especially has been difficult because my mom was very sick and so was my brother. My heart was heavy and I could never give my work the full attention in developing myself as an artist. Being a mom, a wife, working a part time job and running my own business is a lot of juggling..so it became that, a juggling act. But now, my kids are much older, my mom is now resting in peace and I am finding a new me...a person who is finally feeling some light and joy. 

I am ready ...to become an independent seller. Something I should have done a while ago..but the timing was never right. So now the time has come..and so it is here. I am truly grateful for every experience I have had, for all of it has shaped me to be who I am and where I am with my work, my family and my many friends. Life is wonderful even in it’s hardest moments.. I know it. I could never ask for more. Helene’s Dreams has shaped me and has evolved to be where it is today.  I finally know my path and give myself a real name..instead of my Etsy username! 

Thank you for all of your support....from the bottom of my heart.  See you over there.