Let It Snow..Let it Snow!

Good Morning Snow and Sunshine! I woke up this morning to this beautiful day. Every year when our first snow hits..you realize how wonderful and beautiful mother nature is as an artist herself. It's nice for a bit of change. Sometimes it can be cloudy grey skies here for days and days, and I wonder if the sun even exist lately.

Sometimes I will catch glimpse of a buck or some deer hangin around..but not this morning. Maybe it's too cold?

Well, lately I have been crazy busy in my shop. It's funny how Etsy has been lately for me, because about 3 weeks ago..I could hear crickets chirping and I swore my shop no longer existed due to the new "relevancy" search they switched over too.

I have been adding a few new one of a kind pieces. I get cravings to create and design something new more and more. I like making what I do too, but like anything else ..its nice to see a new design. Sometimes, I can't figure myself out. You see, I like it all...shiny silver, dark silver, shiny stones, opaque stones, shiny gold, matte gold..on and on. I can't find my focus. I want to make it all and see it all come true!

I decided..it didn't matter. I need to make what I feel like and that will be that. I hope someone stumble upons my work and does not think I am a bit confused with my taste? I truly see beauty in all things...I know I can find it in every single thing!

I am sure hoping to blog before the big Turkey day..but gosh if not...I hope you all have a good holiday season. Enjoy your family and friends and good food. I still believe we have a lot to be thankful for in this country inspite of all the negative news we hear.

Cheers my friends....take it easy!