I am a "Jewelress".....

My last pair of gorgeous Labradorite 10mm studs - sold & shipped. My camera loves this stone.  It was hard to let go of these..soooo pretty!

 Okay, what's that? A "Jewelress"?  Yesterday, my 9 year old daughter and I were driving to the store, and she was telling me a story of how she described me and my job to her class.  In the story she calls me a "Jewelress".  I think she means "Jeweler".  It made me laugh!  And, I it made me think about this.... what do I call myself?   Perspectively, I have been realizing the state of my life with jewelry and how far I have finally come.  For some of you who know me..my early background is not in jewelry.  Jewelry has always been a hobby up until the last 2 years. 

I actually practiced Dental Hygiene for nearly 10 years.  I liked working with hand instruments. (dental people call their tools .."instruments"...whatever!)  I had a hand piece and we played with casting too..and well, there are lots of similarity's except you are working on live human teeth and not as much metals (except fillings, and crowns.)    The "live" part is what was very hard with this profession.  It is extremely tense work and very very monotonous & routine.  My mentality was exhausted and I realized that I was not growing in this field.  Although, Dental Hygiene is a very respectable and well paying job for a mom...I realized it was not meant for me.

This video is hilarious!  Take 2 minutes to watch it!  It hit's home!  
Thanks to my friend Missy for sharing this...so funny!!

So, in the meantime..I have been developing my jewelry hobby...running another family business on a part time level..and also being a mom.  Yes, I feel very very busy!  But, I am extremely overall healthy and happier now with what I do for a living. This makes a big difference when the sun is out ...finally! Ha ha! I can finally feel true happiness as I grow and grow in doing what I love. 

My shop is in vacation mode for this week as I get caught up on orders and give my hands a bit of a rest..as they are a little sore..but better now.  I will be back soon..so check in a few days.

Have a great weekend folks!  Enjoy your neck of the woods..as the sun is out where I live and I so need to ride my bike in it. It's calling me!



Unknown said...

Great story and very funny video.

Sharyl said...

I love the name your daughter gave your occupation. It sounds very regal. I think I would keep it! (The video was fun too--thanks for sharing!)

Unknown said...

Cheers - faizel