A Dream is Coming True!

This last weekend I drove 7 hours to Loleta, CA to meet my new Etsy friend Tamara from Best Beads. Tamara wanted to sell her established bead business on Etsy to prepare for a new era in her life. She wants to focus on her gorgeous jewelry and work on the adoption of her second child.

So.. Guess what? I bought her bead business and now I am selling all of her wonderful gorgeous cabochons and beads! I have always wanted to do this, and now I am actually beginning to live out one of my dream business'. Someday when my debt is paid off, I would love to go travel the world for great beads and share them with other bead lovers.

My hope is to grow my jewelry and bead business to a point where I can rely on it's sole income for life's needs. Hmmm...how long will this take? Not sure, but I am going to work hard at it..because I truly love doing this.

You can check out my new Etsy shop at 101BestBeads.Etsy.com. And, take a moment to check out Tamara's blog. She is an incredible person who is young, vibrant and has helped many non- profit organizations with her endeavors. She is my hero! I am so honored to have met her and be guided by her expertise. She is pretty cool!

Once I get 101 Best Beads up and going, I will also donate proceeds to charity's that are helping others as well. I feel so blessed and truly want to pass it on. I am so excited.

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KayzKreationz said...

Congrats on your new business. Hope you do well with it.

Gemheaven said...

Congrats I will be shopping later :) I love the cabs ~ good luck with everything

artsyclay said...

GREAT! Wishing you much success!