Skiing for charity and mental health!

Well, I have to tell you that we are counting our blessings everyday. I woke up one morning and decided that I am absolutely tired of depression mode...blah! Enough is enough. I want to have FUN, and so that is exactly what we did. My loving husband decided to take a day off and take me skiing. We were able to ski for only $25 bucks for the day and Mt.Bachelor donated the proceeds to charity. I think the charity is Habitat for Humanity. How nice is that?

So when you have a chance to breathe fresh air, and suck up a little bit of this mountain beauty and just realize that there are some seriously pretty good things around does help you feel a little better. It also doesn't hurt to hang with your man and have a gourmet beer after the day is over at one of our favorite's the Deschutes Brewery.I think we need to stop sulking a bit and get out and have some fun. Spend a little money, but make it worth while and enjoy the good things in life. Heck, we only live once! So CHEERS ....go have fun. I think next weekend I am having a depression party!


Julie Ann Art said...

wow skiing for 25 bucks?! that's a deal! i have yet to get the snowboard out this year. hope you had fun!

Unknown said...

That's a good deal! I've never been skiing/snowboarding but I know it's more than that at all the resorts here in Utah. Except the Canyons--they have a two-for-one deal. I'd love to learn how to ski or snowboard!