Tails From the Pound

When I found this shop and read the story of the Paw Prints Project, I knew I had to share this with all of you! I know...lately my stories have been about animals and I just can't help this one. Look at my doggie on the right and look at this little fellow above. I am heart stricken I can't believe this guy was sitting at the pound. Here's what Cindy quoted: ( "Somebody's Princess" - This little Shih Tzu was somebody's special dog. She had all the manners of a pampered pet, has been groomed and seemed to have been well taken care of - how she ended up in the shelter is a mystery.)

Cindy and Matt live in Arizona and they kindly volunteer to take pictures of the animals at their local shelter and post them to the shelter website. With hundreds of beautiful portraits of these homeless dogs & cats - they began to create vivid pop art prints that capture the spirit of these wonderful animals. They sell the prints on Etsy and donate 10% of the proceeds to the local animal shelter to support them. They are hoping that someday each animal will hopefully find a home.

Etsy store PawPrintsProject is filled with numerous prints of real animals....each with a story. Their beautiful faces are adorable and only love from an animal is immeasurable. I truly wish I could take them all! If you have a special animal friend that you would like a vivid beautiful art print of please contact PawPrintsProject. They also take custom work.

Please take a moment to comment and share. Thanks for taking a peak.


Marchi Wierson said...

beautiful faces!!

Contrariwise said...

Thanks for sharing this. I went right away and checked the site.

(I have 2 dogs. One was from the shelter and the other was a rescue.)

Cindy and Matt said...

Thanks so much for spreading the news about our project. These shelter animals need all the help and attention to their cause that they can get.
Please keep up your wonderful blog.

Casey said...

What lovely artwork, and beautiful animals.