Winter Flower Girl

Well, I finally finished this gorgeous whimsical girly girl bracelet. Being its Veterans Day today, my daughter was able to keep me company along with her little friend Catherine. No school for them. I really love working with the glass flowers...they have "happiness" written all over them. At least the little girls thought so. Don't you think a bracelet like this would be cute for a little girl?

Now last week was one of my best weeks selling jewelry on Etsy. And, amazingly enough it seems that I was getting more sales at the retail store and at shophandmade by golly, now why is that? I often wish I new the deep underlying secrets of how "man" works in conspiracy's and they don't even know it! Or is it my attitude? Gosh I wish I could figure this out.

It has been slow in the store in the last two days...not sure if this is the quiet before the storm but I am hoping to start selling a few pairs of something every week ...just to keep the hobby going. Today is the last day for entry on my pair of earrings "Oregon Sunset" at Wishing Willow blogs. You never can't win if you don't play! Thanks for reading and have a great day.


Contrariwise said...

What a great color combo! I would never have thought of that.

(I also really love the colors of your Autumn Bouquet earrings)

kate said...

your jewelry is beautiful and so is your blog, cudo's to you....
please visit our new blog, ive
been making jewelry too, but nothing good enough to take photos
of yet, thanks again kate

ceejay said...

this bracelet is beautiful! going to check out your etsy shop.

The Wind & Rain Creations said...

Your work is SO BEAUTIFUL! Everything looks like they just tumbled out of some old prairie homestead, I'm definitely going to keep you in mind for my Mother for Christmas!