The Giveaway: Helenes Dreams Etsy Giveaway

Hey Everyone, Katie from The Giveaway is featuring me on her blog! Yes, you have another chance to try to win these pair of earrings! But not only is she having this one giveaway she is also having a lot more ...5 or 6 more...awesome things. So go...go now and enter in all the cool giveaways that she has...yeah!


The Milkshake said...

Dentists don't hurt... But my mouth does I got two molars pulled! :)


Anonymous said...

great giveaway! your jewelry is very cool! my husband and i have traveled to Oregon twice and it is our absolutely favorite state! We LOVE the rugged coastline where we have experienced so much wildlife, the mountains are gorgeous and Crater Lake is beautiful! We have actually been just about all over the whole state. There so much to take in1!! it makes coming back to Ohio a pretty boring state. thanks for the giveaway!! i entered.

Anonymous said...

Your jewelry is really beautiful. I especially love all those little flower beads you use. The colors of them are so beautiful! I entered your contest...can't wait to find out! Thanks for your comment btw. Talk to you soon,