Barack Obama- Our New President

Well, today marks a mile stone for all of us Americans as we watch history in its making! I am so happy all of this election stuff is over with and we can let these fine fellow men and women just run our country and whip us back into shape..I'm telling you. I am not a political person at all...just a person who wants peace as much as possible. I personally think we have to call anyone "brave" to take on us Americans..whew!

So now that this is all over...does that mean in two years we have to go through all the same hoop-las for another 24 months of campaigning? Enough already!

I guess I am one of the lucky ones ...I just convo and chat in forums on Etsy while everyone else watches TV...thank god for Etsy..peace loving folks over there...just making pretty things everyday. How nice!

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