Giveaway at Wishing Willow! I just woke up to a surprise of comments and views...amazing. Being on the west coast ...I am last to see it all I guess. Since everyone else has had three hours maybe to check it out. Wishing Willow has contacted me and has asked to feature HelenesDreams on her blog. What could I say? I was honored someone would even consider me! I am not sure how she found me, but I am so grateful. Thank you to Tara at Wishing Willow for making me feel special. I will be sure to pass it forward!A little about myself. I am a lover of nature. Living in Bend, Oregon it is hard not to be. I love to fish, hike, mountain bike and just walk and view many different things. I live less then 1/4 mile from the Deschutes River, which runs right through the middle of our small town. Our whole community is centered around it. Wildlife and plant life is abundant here. The world around me is incredibly beautiful. Our sunsets are just amazing. Our winters are great and if you love to ski, well this is also the place to be. Just 20 minutes down the road we sit at the 6th largest ski resort in the United Sates. I would love for you all to come visit!

It is true my jewelry inspirations mainly come from my visions here. The fact is our Mother Earth has a lot to offer us. Of course some stones are natural and some are man made, but the unity of delicate materials comes together and makes more great beauty we can share with ourselves. Just as our Mother Earth creates, I think so does the integral part of every human being... we may have this same desire in one way or another. Would you not agree?

I am learning to blog and feel all of this. As I am not one to talk much about myself. But in learning the ropes here at seems like we have to put ourselves out there to get exposure. As time goes on, I would like to introduce my family, but I will wait just a bit to make sure I truly feel comfortable with that and this "internet" world we live in.

Thanks for taking a look today...thanks for getting to know me. I am hoping to learn more about you too! Don't Forget to enter the giveaway at Wishing Willow! Good Luck! If you scroll down you will See the "Oregon Sunset" earrings I am giving away! Also remember I am supporting Blood Water Missions in they certainly could use some help.

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