Trick or Treat?

Chloe compared to a Large Pumpkin!

One of my most favorite things to do in October is to visit this really cool pumpkin patch... or DD Ranch and pick out a pumpkin or two! It really is amazing gorgeous and beautiful and so much fun!

I have this inner desire to be a farmer..or wife of a farmer. I try to talk my husband into it, but he's not buyin it! It's obviously very hard work..but there is just something about being so close to the earth and working outside with animals and plants.

Smith Rock, Terrebonne, Oregon

It gives me a greater appreciation for the food we eat when you visit a farm. Today, we picked our pumpkins out..and went home....

Sorry the lighting inside my house is horrible!

Cleaned them up, baked the seeds..and ....

My Jack O'Lantern!

Carved them out. The one on the bottom is my guy! I can't wait to light him tonight!

Enjoy this season...!

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Sharyl said...

I always enjoy what you have to say (and show) in your posts, and I love your rings! I look over your collection and think, "I like that one, and that one, and that one..." until I've chosen them all!