A couple of new blings....

garnet gemstone ringGarnet Sterling Silver Ring

Just finished up this sweet garnet ring. Damn, it looks red doesn't it? This stone has lot's of color and with the oxidized sterling silver..it really stands out well. This ring is ready to go in my shop.

london blue topazRustic London Blue Topaz Sterling Silver Necklace

I found one last square london blue topaz gemstone and I wanted to make something different other then another ring...so I came up with this. I purposely and ruggedly set the stone for that rustic weathered look and appeal. I have a difficult time with my styles because I really like the rustic look too, but then sometimes I am in the mood for that shiny bling look. Hmmm? What does that say about me? And then, I also really like gold too! GEEZ!

pink druzy quartzPink Drusy Quartz Pendant Sterling Silver Necklace

I have a few druzy cabs that have been patiently waiting for me to set. I actually started this early summer. I just simply became side tracked and never finished it ...till this weekend. It's a new style for me. I don't normally make larger jewelry..but this is eye catchy and has a pop to it. It has that earthy rustic look..yet catches the eye.

Drusy cabs are unique and each one has it's own character...no two are exactly alike. I just posted all of these rustic jewels in my shop here www.HelenesDreams.com.

Thanks and have a great day everyone!

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wery nice!!