What makes you happy?

As a mom..one of my greatest joys in life are my children. I was reminded nine years ago that a sweet little girl entered my life! Miss little Mia turned nine yesterday! Needless to say ..I have been very very busy because we had a birthday slumber party. I will tell you..these are the kind of parties that never seem to end?

Have you heard of the Kinect box? It's a really fun video gamer, because now your body is the remote control and all of us "old" people can dance and play without having to fiddle with the controls. It really makes for a fun evening with your friends and family. Watching them perform a goofy dance or tiff it out in a boxing match can be hysterical when they are in their 70's!!!

Okay..well I am taking the rest of the day to relax..I need it. I pulled a muscle in my back earlier this week and now I know what it means to have a bad back... After this party..I am going to just enjoy a nice cup of hot tea and a movie..or maybe a book!

Enjoy your weekend!

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