Brand New Cabochons for Metalsmithing!

green onyx, green chalcedonyGreen onyx also known as green chalcedony have arrived today! I can't wait to list them in the bead store. They are absolutely gorgeous. They reflect light with the many facets in their cut. They measure about 7mm if I remember correctly. I can see a few pretty designs made with these!
smokey quartz cabochonSmokey quartz always seem to be a Fall/ Winter favorite. These particular stones are very very pretty. They are not so dark and reflect light with a light warm brown. I can't wait to set a few of these myself. I have a few ideas just crawling to get out of my sleeve. If only I can find the time!
I actually will be carrying these in a 6mm and 7mm size cabochon.

faceted carnelian cabochonBeautiful carnelian..what a hot color! Brings any design alive. These are some pretty faceted carnelian cabs. As if the color was not enough..we add facets and waaalaaah! They certainly catch light and remind me of a sunset every time. They are 7mm as well.

purple amethyst cabochonsI finally broke down and ordered some AAA amethyst smooth round cabs. Aren't they just beautiful? They really capture purple royalty perfectly. The color is so lively and they are really a nice color. They are not overly too dark, so once you set them you will not see sort of a black purple..NOPE, not these. They are just the right tint. I think these are 6 mm's too!

In the next week I am expecting a lot of new pink opal, whiskey quarts and lots of other beautiful cabs. Please check back for more goodies in my etsy bead shop 101 Best Beads!

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Valerie A. Heck Esmont said...

I love the cabochons, those are just yummy! Great blog by the way!