Metal Smithing - Learning to Use the Jewelers Saw

This 9 minute video is by "Susan Lenart Kazmer". She discusses how a jewelers saw can be used.

Okay, so I took my first class at my local community college. And today, I learned how to use my jeweler's saw. I will tell you that up until now, I have never used my saw. Why? Because I am not comfortable with it. But, I am now! So I thought I would scope out some other tutorials for my blogger friends here to share a few things I have learned as well. These several video's will give you a better perspective of how your jewelers saw can work for you.

A Few tips from my personal instructor which helped me out a lot:

1. The teeth of the blade need to face down towards the ground. The cutting action happens on the down stroke, so apply the most pressure during this movement.

2. As you are applying the sawing action, turn your piece of metal as needed if you are wanting to cut out a curved line or corner. This will be easier then turning the saw itself.

3. Don't cut yourself. Build good habits while your learning how to hold your pieces of metal and watch your fingers.

In this 5 minute video you get a more quick perspective of how to use the saw in curved lines when your cutting out your design. I think watching Susan's video first will put this into a better perspective.

Another great place to learn how to use a jewelers saw is this website called, Beaducation. Here you will find a free online video class that really walks you step by step in detail on how to set up your saw adequately. It really is worth it. While your there, check out their free class on how to use a micro torch. It is a very good video that also walks you through the basics of a micro torch.

Have fun making beautiful things. As always, there are some great quality and affordable gemstones at 101BestBeads on ETsy!


supersweetsilver said...

Wonderful video finds! I keep forgetting how wonderful YouTube is. :)

Monica said...

That was exactly what I needed to see! I ordered the wrong size saw blades and it really didn't work, lol! Hopefully, I'll be a bit more successful with sawing the next time around.

Thanks for posting these!

Kalicat said...

what a small world! I was just reading a book by Susan yesterday, about cold connections...
Needless to say, she is great