Some new goodies for Helenes Dreams Shop

faceted pink peruvian opal ringFaceted Peruvian Pink Opal Sterling Silver Ring

Yes, I am exploring the world of making my very own bezels now. It is a practice type of thing I would definitely say. But I am finding some hope and slowly but surely in its own unique way, something pretty shows up. Yes, I set this 8mm faceted peruvian pink opal, and well, I guess it has its own style! I think of this as a princess pink and pretty! I still need to work on my pinched corners, but I am finding that some of my customers actually like this style!

Blue Chalceondy Sterling Silver Post Earrings

I really like making post earrings too. It is a great way to learn to use your torch because you don't want to melt the bezels when you solder the post and vice versa. It also is a good project to practice using the stick solder, and learning to hold tiny things when you polish..and all of this good stuff.

Even back in the days before I started beading and wire wrapping, I really only wore post earrings! Although I love dangles too, I missed wearing a good post earring. Now, I can make them and it is great. These blue chalcedony are super gorgeous. Just a fun all round glow of blue to lighten your day. At some point, I am going to get a bit more extensive with my designs. Now that I can use my saw more efficiently ...

smoky quartz sterling silver post earringsSmokey Quartz Sterling Silver Post Earrings

Now that I am taking my community college course in precious metal fabrication, I am waiting to learn all kinds of new things that I too can also share here with you. So please keep tune to the beginners world of metalsmithing with me. One book that I just recently purchased to help me with setting stones is called " Creative Stonesetting" by John Cogswell. I can't wait to get the book. It has a 5 star rating and lends a lot of ideas and techniques on how to set certain stones and etc.

I know that most of what I will learn will be basic stuff in class. There is just so much to learn, it is really overwhelming. The key for me is to plug away on something new, but make sure that what I am learning ..I get right. So yes, I am still stuck on the fabrication of square bezels. Not perfect, but it is getting better. But I have the round smaller ones down..which I am happy to say. No glues, no adhesives. Just simple pressure metalsmithing techniques are used.


Monica said...

Wow, you're doing an awesome job! I'm still working to perfect the circular bezels. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with the oval and marquis shaped pieces I just ordered from you!

Unknown said...

agreed! you are doing a fabulous job.

I am still trying to figure out how to solder a bezel to a post...!!!!

best wishes,


Cate said...

These are such cute little dots of color.

Clare said...

I love the smoky quartz...there is something so mysterious about it. Great job with all your projects.

may1927 said...

I really like the Turquoise Sterling Silver Post Earrings. But the prize you are offering would REALLY be my first choice, anyway. It's lovely. Thank you for offering it.