MetalSmithing Adventures - What I have made so far.

Hey there blog friends! I have been pretty busy lately with new designs. I am having a blast learning metalsmithing. I am loving this! It is incredibly fun. I have made several things now and I am really getting the stacking ring thing down. With the help of a few good friends of mine who have been metalsmithing for quite some time, I am able to practice some of my techniques. I have to admit that setting these tiny stones in the bezels are NOT easy. Wow, I think my first one took nearly two hours to set. Oh my gosh..there are things to learn.

I have recently signed up for a community college course in precious metal fabrication. I can't wait. The cost is $149 for a 10 week course..not bad actually. I will tell you that if you are teachable, a lot of this can be self taught. Of course you practice practice, live and learn, waste some metal (but recycle it)start over, and try again. Well, this is how it works for me anyways!

Hand Forged Hoops with Chocolate Pearls & Copper Wire

I am proud to have made my very own soldered hoops for this design. Pretty simple yet the beads add a lot of texture and some color. They are really pretty on. My husband thinks they are "sexy"..LOL! Funny, that's the last thing I feel! I had to make several pair of these already, one for myself of course! These are in the shop right now..ready to go. I have ton's more ideas with this design floating in my head. It really is just finding the time to get to it all!

rainbow moonstone bella earrings twilight inspiredRainbow Moonstone Post or Stud Earrings

I have always always wished I could make post earrings and guess what..I now can! Setting the gemstone in this tiny bezel takes effort, but I am slowly getting the idea and techniques down. I have made several studs now..and they are looking better each time. I do not have these in the shop yet, but I wanted to show you my progress here.

A few things that I need to work on are polishing and deburring. I really want seamless joints. This comes with time and figuring out all of my grindstones and polishing mandrels..confuses me really! So for me, back to practicing. I can't wait till my classes start now.

I am planning a Giveaway for my own HelenesDreams shop in the next week, please check back!

As always you can find many great cabochons in my 101 Best Beads Shop. All gemstones seen here are listed in the bead shop.

Have a great day!


Juli said...

Very pretty! I love the rings. You are doing a wonderful job. I am also just learning metal techniques, and wish there were classes around here, I could take, but there don't seem to be any around this area.

Keep up the great work. :) Juli~

PussDaddy said...

Very nice. I love the ring, too.


supersweetsilver said...

I am right there with you! I am also starting to journey into metalsmithing and am writing about it on my blog. I think I will be looking through your shop later for some of those wondrous beads...hehe :)