Trying to get back to normal

london blue topaz gold filled stacking ringLondon Blue Topaz set in 14 K Gold Filled Bezel & Ring Band

Well, yes I am trying to get back to normal. My mom is doing better although after returning home with her, she had to be re-admitted back into the hospital once more. A week later, her blood pressure started to shoot way way up and the doctors were very concerned she would have another stroke. She is still in rehab as I write this and overall is doing well. She is expected to come home again on Sept. 5th. I am keeping my fingers crossed and praying greatly for her.

In the meantime, I have been trying to get back into the swing of things. It really isn't easy. It hurts especially to see my dad so very sad too. But, I am busy this month it seems. I feel being busy is good for my heart and mind as I try to think of the positive things in my life right now.

moonstone gold stacking ringBlue Flash Rose Cut Moonstone set in 14 K Gold Filled Bezel and Ring Band

On the bright side, I have been working with more gold and yes, gold -filled metals too! I have noticed that few metal smiths work with gold filled for some reason and it is not easy to get information on it. So I have taken on the adventure myself and decided to pursue it. As you know gold almost hit $2000 per troy ounce this last month. It is very painfully expensive to get started in gold these days and it really saddens me.

Gold is very hard to work with. So, I have learned that setting stones in 14K gold is NOT easy. You have to use a hammer and punch to push the metal around the stone. Hopefully your stone is hard enough to take the punch! I realize now why some smiths use 18K or higher gold stock for bezel's...which of course means more expense. Although, I know there are customers who can pay the price..I will gladly make anything in gold for a customer.

Gold Filled is tricky to work with. The biggest problem is exposing the core layer which is usually brass when you make a custom fit bezel. This usually happens at the bottom of the base of the bezel. But, it shines up very nicely if you go easy on it. Also the bezel wire I am finding at Rio is only 30 g stock you do have to cut out your own bezel strips with 28g metal sheet or so if you want thicker bezels. This area can also expose the brass. But, I have noticed that the gold filled blends very well with the brass and honestly it is just as beautiful as a solid gold piece. There is no visual difference to the eye!! I am sure that the exposed brass may have a tendency to tarnish in time, but a good polishing cloth can solve that problem!!!

14k gold filled stacking rings14k Gold Filled Stacking Rings by Helenes Dreams
Because gold is actually bonded molecularly to the brass, it will not chip or flake off like gold plated. Gold filled is considered lifetime jewelry and overall is a good quality choice if you want something in gold but don't want to spend hundreds and thousands for it. As far I as I hear gold is continuing to go up and up ..which will make gold filled itself become expensive at one point. But also, anything made in gold filled can easily be made in solid gold as well!!

Well enjoy the day! School starts next here we go again! What a whirlwind of a serious short summer it has been. Today is actually 63 degrees...COLD...yes COLD. It's supposed to warm up again..please God..let it warm up..please!

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