Crochet Crochet Crochet

PhylPhil is an Etsy fiber artist who lives in my local town here in Bend, Oregon and her work is truly gorgeous! She is very gifted and her work is simply classy! She creates scarfs, hats, gloves, and so much more.

It is amazing to me how some fiber artist, can turn simple string and yarn into something so beautiful, and adorable. I often wondered about the women and men who did this just to make clothing for their children and families long ago. It must have been a real honor to have a handmade sweater, or scarf that was knitted or crochet. I mean today it is so easy to take for granted, when so many clothing articles are mass produced by machines and what not. What is far more interesting, is how fiber has become a real art.

Just take a look at JudyJems very adorable teapot and tea cup! Wow, how cute is this! I can barely create a scarf well enough on my own. JudyJems etsy shop is worth a second look. She is creative enough to make dolls, pincushions, cookies,children booties and lovely sweaters! I am sure she can crochet anything you would like, it seems. Tea anyone?

One of my all time favorite crochet items are warm snuggly slippers! I swear by these because I broke down and made some myself. They really keep your feet warm. There is nothing more important then warm feet to me, living in this primarily cold dry climate. Although, these are made by Linda's Krafty Kreations and you can easily buy your own for only $8.00 a pair right what an incredible deal! I am not sure she can keep these great prices for too long.

If your adventurous enough like myself and even my 16 year old son who is now knitting ski hats, you can always search Etsy for a lot of great patterns. There are a lot of them that are just simple to follow. Like I always say, "Have fun making something!"


Unknown said...

Oh I love how the cup has coffee/tea in it already! :D Cute items!

Unknown said...

I love your work. Your blend of colors is yummy.

Unknown said...

This is a great blog, Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog,
Love the work of the fellow cafters.

Anonymous said...

Awe so cute. I would wear these all the time.

Sweetbunnyrabbit said...

AWWW! These are sooo cute. The tea pot looks so adorable, the slippers comfy and the scarf looks sooo warm. I love handmade item and hope someday I can crochet this well!

emve said...

Those tea items are so cute!