Summer is Coming to Oregon!

Finally! Flowers are starting to bloom. The weather is consistently warming up and I feel so happy to see the sun! Our winters can be so long and enduring that I often wonder what I am doing here! But when summer comes, I know why.

Last week we drove up to the Umpqua River where the salmon are starting the climb back up the river to spawn. It is an amazing thing to see.

My husband was able to catch a couple of good pictures of the salmon climbing up the fish ladder at Winchester Dam. They are starting to just come in ...mother nature is calling. These salmon weighed in about in average of 25 to 30 pounds and even more.

This photo above is Winchester Dam and right in front here is the actual fish ladder the salmon jump to get over this dam. When there are more fish will see them jumping out in the middle. Its amazing!
Even more beautiful fish. It is just neat to see them in groups doing there thing. They are ancy and want to go home to lay their eggs. Most of them will die, however, there are some species that do not. Chinook and sockeye salmon ,for example, travel over 900 miles and climb nearly 7,000 feet from the Pacific ocean as they return to spawn.

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