Lily Pad Turquoise Leaf Earrings Now Available in my Art Jewelry Section!!

Blue Spotted Turquoise Gemstones set in a Lily Pad Sterling Silver Earring - Leaf Earrings

I admit since I have moved my shop out of my home and now work in a artist creative work space, I feel my world has changed.  As much as I loved working at home, I also felt lonely and times I would get so wrapped up in my feelings with a broken heart over my mom who has been so sick and then my son who seems to be fighting some depression.  I was not feeling happy enough to want to be creating new things much.   Having good people and good energy around me makes me realize that I am more social then I think.  Sometimes, we don't always know what we want and or where we are heading, and living in the moment is what gets us by.  And, although I believe in "the moment" theories about life...I also don't believe life can change if we don't stop to realize our dreams or paths in the future. In order to get somewhere we need a path to follow, some kind of guide...some direction.  So yes, I am feeling a new direction in my life. As I am getting older I feel more artistic and creative, and not just a maker, but I feel inspired to try my own ideas and explore.. .so here it is. I hope you like it.

These one of a kind earrings are huge. Probably the largest pair I have ever made...but they are a statement piece and I wanted to just go for it.  They remind of the pond of lily pads I just saw by the lake, and the water spot turquoise reminded me of water..and well the lily pad came to mind.  Check them out for more detail in my shop!

I will be in the COMAG show in early August. 4th -5th at the Downtown Liberty Theater in Bend, Oregon .  It will be First Friday Art Walk please stop in!!

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