Painting Loose with Water Mixable Oils

Glorious Water Can - 8 X 10

Still practicing my loose flower techniques. I am discovering how important it is to get the darks in underneath. You really need to go darker then you think.  Also, I am learning a lot about how to create a "black" or very dark muddy paint.  You will have to see my next painting.  Painting flowers is a good subject for small paintings because they have a lot of punch and color for smallness to feel something when you view it.  This is an 8 x 10 on a ampersand gesso board.  Because I am a beginner I do not paint on the more expensive thicker boards that do not necessarily need framing just yet.

I am still using Cobra Royal Talens water mixable oil paints. I think I am also going to start trying the Holbein Aqua Duo paints next once I need to replenish.  Can't wait.  

Thanks friends!  Please let me know your out there...leave a comment. Would love to hear any advice or tips!

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