A little painting here and there.

Lately my left brain craves the colors of painting. I think about doing it a lot.  The problem?  Time. So in order to feed my needs with what little time I have to do this, I paint these small tiny paintings in oil on gessoboard.  It's so fun.  I am using water mixable oils now and I LOVE this paint so much. I love how I can blend colors on the board where with acrylics I had such a hard time with this. 

 I am fascinated with bright juicy colors. With jewelry there is only so much color you can work with in the gemstone range ...but with paints...oh my gosh...so much color is flying by you. Something happens to me when I paint and I can't explain it but it brings out great joy in my heart and then my creative juices start flowing with jewelry too.  I start to realize just how much creating ..I really crave!

Have a terrific day!  Thanks for reading.

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