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Yes, Life is a bit hectic now.. I would say. I can't even sit around much to blog like the good ol' days.

I want to quickly share a new company with you, called "Dwolla". This company is going to change how we spend our money and of course I am sure a lot of you hear about the economy and so on. I never use to be a news kind of gal..but it is hard lately..trying to understand the future of our country.

Being in business for the last 10 years of my life, I realize how difficult it is to run a business and all of the cost it takes just to have an employee. The overhead of retail is extremely costly and many business' in America are starting to look overseas to lower cost.

One cost that is truly expensive and a brutal burden are merchant fees. Did you know that when you go into a store and use a debit or credit card there are all kinds of hidden fees that the merchant has to pay? There is a transaction fee, a merchant fee, and a percentage fee. If you have any type of rewards programs on your credit card, the merchant has to pay higher fees. Essentially, the merchants are paying for your "rewards". All of these fees are adding up...and it makes conducting business that much harder.

A new company called "Dwolla" is now allowing you to pay any merchant immediately with a transfer of cash..and it only cost .25 cents no matter the amount of transfer. So if you pay $1 or $500 it will only cost .25 cents. WOW! This is how it should be. I don't understand why credit card companies feel so entitled to a percentage of your transaction. But, we people don't seem to mind all of this debt and no one has really cared until now,.....when the banks are actually running out of money. I also hear credit card companies are furious about this..and all I can say..is it's about damn time!!

This little company called Dwolla is growing big like crazy. Younger people are realizing that they can not get credit cards so easily anymore and they have to pay "cash" for the things they buy. Frankly, I am glad to pay "cash" myself. The debt problem is seriuosly out of control in our country..and I am happy to support a business who is changing this for our youth especially.

Take a moment to learn about www.Dwolla.com. It is easy and simple and it saves business' money. The cool thing is you can also send money to anyone you need to for anything...it' extremely simple. Try it !! And, please considering supporting the movement away from credit cards!

Go Dwolla!


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Sharyl said...

I thought I had commented before, but I often start messages and get pulled away from the computer! I just wanted to say that I had not heard of DWOLLA when I read your post, but now I'm starting to see it more. I'm so glad you posted the info and let us all in on what DWOLLA is all about and why it's important! Thanks so much!